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At any point in time the offical standard consists of the most recently dated edition of the base standard (currently 2024c) PLUS all the supplements and correction items that have been approved as Final Text.

The PDF versions are the official documents; other formats (such as DocBook, HTML, Word and ODT) are also made available for the convenience of implementors who may need to extract machine-readable content, or copy tables and sections of text, but when a discrepancy exists, the PDF form is authoritative.

Final Text Supplements additional to 2024c Base Standard

SupplementAffectedTitleStatusApplies ToDocument

Supplements additional to 2024c Base Standard Waiting for Codes

SupplementAffectedTitleStatusApplies ToDocument

Final Text Correction Proposals additional to 2024c Base Standard

CorrectionAffectedTitleStatusApplies ToDocument

Correction Proposals additional to 2024c Base Standard Waiting for Codes

CorrectionAffectedTitleStatusApplies ToDocument
CP 1071 Parts 16Additions to various CIDs of Supplement 78Wait for CodesPDFDOC

Base Standard - 2024c

PDFRelease Notes
PS3.3Information Object DefinitionsPDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML
PS3.4Service Class SpecificationsPDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML
PS3.5Data Structures and EncodingPDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML
PS3.8Network Communication Support for Message ExchangePDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML
PS3.10Media Storage and File Format for Data InterchangePDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML
PS3.11Media Storage Application ProfilesPDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML
PS3.12Media Formats and Physical Media for Data InterchangePDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML
PS3.14Grayscale Standard Display FunctionPDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML
PS3.15Security and System Management ProfilesPDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML
PS3.20Imaging Reports using HL7 Clinical Document ArchitecturePDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML
PS3.21Transformations between DICOM and other RepresentationsPDFHTMLCHTMLDOCXDOCXXML

Differences in Base Standard - 2024b to 2024c

PS3.1Introduction and OverviewPDF
PS3.3Information Object DefinitionsPDF
PS3.4Service Class SpecificationsPDF
PS3.5Data Structures and EncodingPDF
PS3.6Data DictionaryPDF
PS3.7Message ExchangePDF
PS3.8Network Communication Support for Message ExchangePDF
PS3.10Media Storage and File Format for Data InterchangePDF
PS3.11Media Storage Application ProfilesPDF
PS3.12Media Formats and Physical Media for Data InterchangePDF
PS3.14Grayscale Standard Display FunctionPDF
PS3.15Security and System Management ProfilesPDF
PS3.16Content Mapping ResourcePDF
PS3.17Explanatory InformationPDF
PS3.18Web ServicesPDF
PS3.19Application HostingPDF
PS3.20Imaging Reports using HL7 Clinical Document ArchitecturePDF
PS3.21Transformations between DICOM and other RepresentationsPDF
PS3.22Real-Time CommunicationPDF

Differences in Base Standard - 2024a to 2024b

PS3.1Introduction and OverviewPDF
PS3.3Information Object DefinitionsPDF
PS3.4Service Class SpecificationsPDF
PS3.5Data Structures and EncodingPDF
PS3.6Data DictionaryPDF
PS3.7Message ExchangePDF
PS3.8Network Communication Support for Message ExchangePDF
PS3.10Media Storage and File Format for Data InterchangePDF
PS3.11Media Storage Application ProfilesPDF
PS3.12Media Formats and Physical Media for Data InterchangePDF
PS3.14Grayscale Standard Display FunctionPDF
PS3.15Security and System Management ProfilesPDF
PS3.16Content Mapping ResourcePDF
PS3.17Explanatory InformationPDF
PS3.18Web ServicesPDF
PS3.19Application HostingPDF
PS3.20Imaging Reports using HL7 Clinical Document ArchitecturePDF
PS3.21Transformations between DICOM and other RepresentationsPDF
PS3.22Real-Time CommunicationPDF

ACR-NEMA - 1991

PS1Standard for Magnetic TapePDF

ACR-NEMA - 1989

PS2Data Compression StandardPDF

ACR-NEMA - 1988

PS300Digital Imaging and CommunicationsPDF

ACR-NEMA - 1985

PS300Digital Imaging and CommunicationsPDF

Supplements - By Number

SupplementAffectedTitleStatusApplies ToDocument
Supp 1 Parts 10Media Storage and File Format For Media InterchangeStandard1993PDF
Supp 2 Parts 11Media Storage Application ProfilesStandard1993PDF
Supp 3 Parts 12Media Format and Physical Media InterchangeStandard1993PDF
Supp 4 Parts 3,4,6X-Ray Angiographic Image Objects and Media StorageStandard1993PDFDOC
Supp 5 Parts 3,4,5,6,11Ultrasound Application Profile, IOD and Transfer Syntax ExtensionStandard1993PDFDOC
Supp 6 Parts 3,4,6X-Ray Flouroscopic Image ObjectStandard1993PDFDOC
Supp 7 Parts 3,4,6Nuclear Medicine Image ObjectStandard1993PDFDOC
Supp 8 Parts 3,4,6Storage Commitment Service ClassStandard1993PDFDOC
Supp 9 Parts 2,3,4,5,6Multi-byte Character Set SupportStandard1993PDFDOC
Supp 10 Parts 3,4,6Basic Worklist Management - ModalityStandard1993PDFDOC
Supp 11 Parts 3,4,6Radiotherapy Information ObjectsStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 12 Parts 3,4,6PET Information ObjectStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 13 Parts 3,4,6Queue Management Service ClassStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 14 Parts 2,5Standard Extended SOP Classes and Unknown Value RepresentationStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 15 Parts 3,4,6Visible Light Image ObjectStandard1998PDFDOC
Supp 16 Parts 3,4,6Postscript Print ManagementCancelledPDF
Supp 17 Parts 3,4,6Modality Performed Procedure StepStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 18 Parts 11Media Storage Application Profile for CT and MR ImagesStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 19 Parts 11General Purpose CD-R Image Interchange ProfileStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 20 Parts 11X-Ray Cardiac (1024) Media Application ProfileStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 21 Parts 11Nuclear Medicine Media Application ProfileCancelledPDF
Supp 22 Parts 3,4,6Presentation LUTStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 23 Parts 3,4,6,10Structured Reporting ObjectStandard1999PDFDOC
Supp 24 Parts 3,4,6Stored PrintStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 25 Parts 11New Ultrasound MODStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 26 Parts 3,4,16Ultrasound OB-GYN Procedure ReportsStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 27 Parts 12New 90mm and 130mm MOD FormatsStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 28 Parts 14Grayscale Standard Display FunctionStandard1996PDFDOC
Supp 29 Parts 3,4,6Radiotherapy Treatment Record and Media ExtensionsStandard1998PDFDOC
Supp 30 Parts 3,5,6,11Waveform InterchangeStandard1999PDFDOC
Supp 31 Parts 3,6,7,8,15Security EnhancementsStandard1999PDFDOC
Supp 32 Parts 3,4,6Digital X-RayStandard1998PDFDOC
Supp 33 Parts 3,4,6Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State StorageStandard1999PDFDOC
Supp 34 Parts 3,4,6Stored Print of Non-Preformatted ImagesCancelledPDF
Supp 35 Parts 3,4,6Retirement of Referenced PrintStandard1998PDFDOC
Supp 36 Parts 3,4,6Codes and Controlled TerminologyStandard1998PDFDOC
Supp 37 Parts 3,4,6Printer Configuration RetrievalStandard1998PDFDOC
Supp 38 Parts 3,4,6New Print Image Overlay BoxStandard1998PDFDOC
Supp 39 Parts 3,4,10Stored Print Media StorageStandard1998PDFDOC
Supp 40 Parts 11,12DVD-RAM MediaStandard2000PDFDOC
Supp 41 Parts 2,5,6,15Security Enhancements 2 - Digital SignaturesStandard2000PDFDOC
Supp 42 Parts 5,6MPEG2 Transfer SyntaxStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 43 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Storage of 3D Ultrasound ImagesStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 44 Parts 1,9,13Retirement of Part 9,13 and OSIStandard2001PDFDOC
Supp 45 Parts 4Ultrasound Staged Protocol Data ManagementStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 46 Parts 3,4,6Basic Structured Reporting SOP ClassesCancelled
See Supp 23
Supp 47 Parts 3,4,6Visible Light Video SOP ClassesStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 48 Parts 3,4,6,11Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS)Standard2000PDFDOC
Supp 49 Parts 3,4,6Multiframe MR ObjectStandard2001PDFDOC
Supp 50 Parts 3,4,6Mammography CADStandard2000PDFDOC
Supp 51 Parts 3,4,6,10,11,12Media SecurityStandard2000PDFDOC
Supp 52 Parts 3,4,6General Purpose WorklistStandard2000PDFDOC
Supp 53 Parts 3,6,16DICOM Content Mapping ResourceStandard2000PDFDOC
Supp 54 Parts 11,12DICOM MIME Content-TypeStandard2001PDFDOC
Supp 55 Parts 3,4,6,10,11,12Attribute Level ConfidentialityStandard2001PDFDOC
Supp 56 Parts 3,4,6Ultrasound WaveformCancelledPDF
Supp 57 Parts 3,4,6Revised Secondary Capture ObjectsStandard2000PDFDOC
Supp 58 Parts 3,4,6Enhanced CT Image Storage SOP ClassStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 59 Parts 3,4,6,16Key Object Selection SOP ClassStandard2000PDFDOC
Supp 60 Parts 2,3,4,6Hanging ProtocolsStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 61 Parts 3,5,6JPEG 2000 Transfer SyntaxesStandard2001PDFDOC
Supp 62 Parts 11,124.1 Gbyte MOD Medium format and use in CT/MR profilesStandard2001PDFDOC
Supp 63 Parts 3,4,5,6,16,17Multi-dimensional Interchange ObjectCancelledPDF
Supp 64 Parts 2Revised Conformance StatementsStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 65 Parts 3,4,6,16Chest CAD SR SOP ClassStandard2001PDFDOC
Supp 66 Parts 3,4,6,16Catheterization Lab SR SOP ClassesStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 67 Parts 3,6,15Configuration ManagementStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 68 Parts 3,4,6Retire Storage Commitment Pull ModelStandard2001PDFDOC
Supp 69 Parts 11,12640 MB and 1.3 GB 90mm MOD Medium format and use in US profilesStandard2001PDFDOC
Supp 70 Parts 3,6Clinical Trials IdentificationStandard2001PDFDOC
Supp 71 Parts 3,4,16Vascular Ultrasound Procedure ReportsStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 72 Parts 3,4,16Echocardiography Procedure ReportsStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 73 Parts 3,4,6,16Spatial Registration Storage SOP ClassesStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 74 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Utilization of Worklist in Radiotherapy Treatment DeliveryStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 75 Parts 3,4,6,16Relevant Patient Information Query Service ClassStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 76 Parts 16Quantitative Arteriography and Ventriculography Structured ReportsStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 77 Parts 3,16IVUS Structured ReportingStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 78 Parts 6,16,17Fetal, Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Ultrasound ReportsStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 79 Parts 3,16Breast Imaging Report TemplatesStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 80 Parts 11,12DVD Media Application ProfilesStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 81 Parts 3,4,6XA Non-Cine Image SOP ClassCancelledPDF
Supp 82 Parts 11,122.3 GB 90mm MOD Medium format and use in US profilesStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 83 Parts 3,4,6,11Enhanced XA/XRF Image Storage SOP ClassStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 84 Parts 3Clarification of Ultrasound Region CalibrationStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 85 Parts 18Web Access to DICOM Objects (WADO)Standard2003PDFDOC
Supp 86 Parts 3,16Digital Signatures for Structured ReportsStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 87 Parts 11,12USB and Flash Memory Media Application ProfilesStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 88 Parts 3,4,6Media Creation Management SOP ClassStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 89 Parts 4Worklist and Performed Procedure Step Use CasesStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 90 Parts 2,3,4,6,7,8SOP Class Relationships NegotiationStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 91 Parts 3,4,6,16Ophthalmic Photography SOP ClassesStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 92 Parts 11Media Application Profile for DentistryStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 93 Parts 3,4Instance Availability NotificationStandard2003PDFDOC
Supp 94 Parts 3,4,6Radiation Dose ReportStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 95 Parts 15Audit Trail MessagesStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 96 Parts 2,3,4,6Unified Worklist and Procedure StepStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 97 Parts 16CT/MR Cardiovascular Analysis ReportStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 98 Parts 3,4,5,6,10,11,12Retirement of Detached, Standalone and other ServicesStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 99 Parts 7,15Extended Negotiation of User IdentityStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 100 Parts 2,3,4,6Color Softcopy Presentation State Storage SOP ClassesStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 101 Parts 3,4,6,10,16,17HL7 Structured Document Object ReferencesStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 102 Parts 3,4,6Radiotherapy Extensions for Ion TherapyStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 103 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Real World Value Mapping SOP ClassStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 104 Parts 2,3,4,6,16DICOM Encapsulation of PDF DocumentsStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 105 Parts 5,6JPEG 2000 Part 2 Multi-component Transfer SyntaxesStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 106 Parts 3,5,6,7JPEG 2000 Interactive ProtocolStandard2004PDFDOC
Supp 107 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Verification of Substance Administration and Substance Information QueryStandard2007PDFDOC
Supp 108 Parts 2,4,6,16Relevant Patient Information Query for OrdersCancelledPDFDOC
Supp 109 Parts 4,18SOP Instance Location ServiceWorkPDF
Supp 110 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,18Ophthalmic Coherence Tomography (OCT) Storage SOP ClassStandard2007PDFDOC
Supp 111 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16Segmentation Storage SOP ClassStandard2006PDFDOC
Supp 112 Parts 2,3,4,6,17Deformable Spatial Registration Storage SOP ClassStandard2006PDFDOC
Supp 113 Parts 2,10,11,14,16Email TransportStandard2006PDFDOC
Supp 114 Parts 2,3,4,6DICOM Encapsulation of CDAStandard2007PDFDOC
Supp 115 Parts 2,3,4,6Evidence Document SOP ClassesWorkPDFDOC
Supp 116 Parts 2,3,4,63D X-RayStandard2007PDFDOC
Supp 117 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Enhanced PET Image Storage SOP ClassStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 118 Parts 19Application HostingStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 119 Parts 2,3,4,6,17,18Instance and Frame Level Retrieve SOP ClassesStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 120 Parts 3,6,17Extended Presentation StatesStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 121 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17CT Procedure Plan and Protocol StorageStandard2016cPDFDOCX
Supp 122 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Specimen Identification and Revised PathologyStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 123 Parts 2,3,4,6,11,15Structured DisplayStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 124 Parts 2,3,4,6,17Communication of Display ParametersStandard2013PDFDOC
Supp 125 Parts 2,3,4,6Breast Tomosynthesis Image Storage SOP ClassStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 126 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Colon Computer-Aided Detection SR SOP ClassStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 127 Parts 3,16,17CT Radiation Dose Reporting (Dose SR)Standard2007PDFDOC
Supp 128 Parts 16,17Cardiac Stress Testing Structured ReportsStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 129 Parts 16Electrophysiology Structured Reports and Procedure Log TemplatesCancelledPDFDOC
Supp 130 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Ophthalmic Refractive Measurements Storage and SR SOP ClassesStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 131 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17Bone Mounted Implant Description Storage SOP ClassStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 132 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17Surface Segmentation Storage SOP ClassStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 133 Parts 2,3,4,6Color Palette Storage, Query and RetrievalStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 134 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Implantation Plan SR Document Storage SOP ClassStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 135 Parts 1,20SR Diagnostic Imaging Report Transformation GuideStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 136 PartsDOT MammographyWorkPDF
Supp 137 Parts 5MPEG2 MP@HL Transfer SyntaxStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 138 Parts 3,6Crestal Implant Storage SOP ClassWorkPDF
Supp 139 Parts 17Enhanced XA/XRF IOD Informative AnnexStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 140 Parts 2,3,4,6XA/XRF Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State Storage SOP ClassStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 141 Parts 2,3,4,6Enhanced MR Color Image Storage SOP ClassStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 142 Parts 3,6,15Clinical Trial De-identification ProfilesStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 143 Parts 3,16SR Template for Reporting of Macular Grid Thickness and VolumeStandard2008PDFDOC
Supp 144 Parts 3,6Ophthalmic Axial Measurements Storage SOP ClassStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 145 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Whole Slide Imaging in PathologyStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 146 PartsOphthalmic Visual Field (OPV) - Static Perimetry Measurements Storage SOP ClassStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 147 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Second Generation Radiotherapy - Prescription and Segment AnnotationStandard2018dPDFDOCSLIDE
Supp 148 Parts 18Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects by Means of Web Services Extension of the Retrieve Service (WADO Web Service)Standard2011PDFDOC
Supp 149 Parts 5,6MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Transfer SyntaxStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 150 Parts 16Radiation Dose Summary Information in Radiology ReportsStandard2011PDFDOC
Supp 151 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Intravascular OCT Image Storage SOP ClassStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 152 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Ophthalmic Thickness Map Storage SOP ClassStandard2011PDFDOC
Supp 153 Parts 11,12Blu-ray Disc Media Application ProfilesStandard2009PDFDOC
Supp 154 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17Optical Surface Scanner Storage SOP ClassStandard2011PDFDOC
Supp 155 Parts 1,2,6,16,20Imaging Reports using HL7 Clinical Document ArchitectureStandard2015aPDFDOCX
Supp 156 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17Planar MPR Volumetric Presentation StateStandard2015cPDFDOCX
Supp 157 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Multi-Frame Converted Legacy ImagesStandard2011PDFDOC
Supp 158 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17Retirement of General Purpose Worklist and Procedure StepStandard2011PDFDOC
Supp 159 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Radiopharmaceutical Radiation Dose ReportingStandard2013PDFDOCX
Supp 160 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16Second Generation RadioTherapy - Patient Positioning and WorkflowStandard2021cPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 161 Parts 2,17,18WADO by means of RESTful ServicesStandard2011PDFDOC
Supp 162 Parts 2,3,4,6Comprehensive 3D SR Storage SOP ClassStandard2011PDFDOC
Supp 163 PartsStore Over the Web by RESTful Services (STOW-RS)Standard2011PDFDOC
Supp 164 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Contrast Agent Administration ReportingStandard2018dPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 165 Parts 2,3,4,6,15Breast Projection X-Ray Image Storage SOP ClassStandard2013PDFDOC
Supp 166 Parts 2,17,18,19Query based on ID for DICOM Objects by RESTful Services (QIDO-RS)Standard2011PDFDOC
Supp 167 Parts 17X-Ray 3D IOD Informative AnnexStandard2014cPDFDOC
Supp 168 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Corneal Topography Map Storage SOP ClassStandard2011PDFDOC
Supp 169 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Simplified Adult Echocardiographic ReportStandard2016dPDFDOC
Supp 170 Parts 15,17,18Server Options RESTful ServicesStandard2014aPDFDOCX
Supp 171 Parts 4,17,18Unified Procedure Step by REpresentational State Transfer (REST) ServicesStandard2014bPDFDOCX
Supp 172 Parts 2,3,4,5,6,16,17,18,19Parametric Map StorageStandard2014bPDFXML
Supp 173 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Wide Field Ophthalmic Photography Image Storage SOP ClassesStandard2015aPDFDOCX
Supp 174 Parts 18RESTful RenderingStandard2015cPDFDOCX
Supp 175 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Second Generation Radiotherapy - C-Arm RadiationsStandard2019cPDFDOCSLIDE
Supp 176 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Second Generation Radiotherapy - New RT RadiationsStandard2019ePDFDOCX
Supp 177 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Second Generation Radiotherapy - Dose ObjectsWorkPDFDOC
Supp 178 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Second Generation Radiotherapy - RT CourseWorkPDFDOC
Supp 179 Parts 17Second Generation Radiotherapy - RT Explanatory (Part 17)WorkPDFDOC
Supp 180 Parts 3,5,6,11MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Transfer SyntaxStandard2015bPDFDOCX
Supp 181 Parts 2,3,4,5,6,15,16,17Tractography Results Storage SOP ClassStandard2015cPDFDOCX
Supp 182 Parts3D Presentation State: Curved MPRWorkPDF
Supp 183 Parts 18PS3.18 Web Services Re-DocumentationStandard2019aPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 184 Parts 2,3,4,6,16Brachy Delivery InstructionStandard2015cPDFDOC
Supp 185 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Content Assessment Results IODStandard2016aPDFDOC
Supp 186 Parts 2,3,4,6Extensible SR Storage SOP ClassStandard2015bPDFXML
Supp 187 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Preclinical Small Animal Imaging Acquisition ContextStandard2015cPDFXML
Supp 188 Parts 3,6,16,17Multi-Energy CT ImagesStandard2018dPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 189 Parts 2,3,4,6Advanced Blending Presentation State StorageStandard2017aPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 190 Parts 2,3,4,6,17Volume Rendering Volumetric Presentation StatesStandard2017aPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 191 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Patient Radiation Dose Structured Report (P-RDSR)Standard2017aPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 192 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Protocol Approval Storage SOP ClassStandard2017bPDFDOCX
Supp 193 Parts 18REST NotificationsWorkPDFDOCX
Supp 194 Parts 18RESTful Services for Non-Patient InstancesStandard2016ePDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 195 Parts 5,6,17HEVC/H.265 Transfer SyntaxStandard2016dPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 196 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Segmentation Creation TemplateWorkPDFDOCX
Supp 197 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17Ophthalmic Tomography Angiographic (OCT-A) Image Storage SOP ClassesStandard2017aPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 198 Parts 1,2,3,17,18Retirement of WADO-WSStandard2017bPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 199 Parts 2,3,4,6,16RT Radiation RecordsStandard2020bPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 200 Parts 1,16,21Transformation of NCI Annotation and Image Markup (AIM) and DICOM SR Measurement TemplatesStandard2017dPDFXMLSLIDE
Supp 201 Parts 3,4Retirement of Radiation Dose Module from Modality Performed Procedure StepStandard2017cPDFXMLSLIDE
Supp 202 Parts 2,3,5,6,15,16,17Real-Time VideoStandard2019cPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 203 Parts 18Thumbnail Resources for DICOMwebStandard2019aPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 204 Parts 15TLS Security ProfilesStandard2018aPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 205 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17DICOM Encapsulation of STL Models for 3D ManufacturingStandard2018aPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 206 Parts 15Extended BCP195 TLS ProfileStandard2018dPDFDOCX
Supp 207 Parts 2Conformity AssessmentWorkPDF
Supp 208 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17DICOM Encapsulation of OBJ Models for 3D Manufacturing and Virtual RealityStandard2019ePDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 209 Parts 2Revision of the DICOM Conformance StatementStandard2022dPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 210 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17Functional Acquisition Paradigm Protocol StorageWorkPDF
Supp 211 Parts 18DICOMweb Support for Retrieve via application/zipBallotPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 212 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17XA Protocol StorageStandard2020ePDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 213 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16Second Generation Radiotherapy - Enhanced RT Image and RT Patient Position Acquisition InstructionStandard2022dPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 214 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17Enhanced X-Ray Radiation Dose SR (including Cone-beam CT)Standard2021aPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 215 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16RT Ion Radiation ObjectsWorkPDF
Supp 216 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16RT Brachytherapy ObjectsWorkPDF
Supp 217 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17Neurophysiology WaveformsStandard2020bPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 218 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17MR Protocol StorageWorkPDFDOCX
Supp 219 Parts 16,18,19,23JSON Representation of DICOM Structured ReportsTrialUsePDFXMLSLIDE
Supp 220 Parts 6,15,16,17Prostate Imaging Report TemplatesStandard2021bPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 221 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17DermoscopyStandard2020dPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 222 Parts 2,3,4,6,15,16,17Microscopy Bulk Simple Annotations Storage SOP ClassStandard2021bPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 223 Parts 2,3,4,6,16,17,18Repository Query, Inventory IOD, and Related ServicesStandard2022bPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 224 PartsService Discovery and ControlWorkPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 225 Parts 3,5,6Multi-Fragment Video TransferStandard2022bPDFDOCX
Supp 226 Parts 3,4,6,16,17Cutaneous Confocal MicroscopyStandard2023dPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 227 Parts 6,16Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography Structured ReportStandard2022bPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 228 Parts 2,3,4,6,17,18Web Services and Protocol IOD for Volumetric RenderingCommentPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 229 Parts 3,4,6,16,17Photoacoustic ImagingStandard2023bPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 230 Parts 15TLS 2022 UpdateStandard2022dPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 231 Parts 3,4,6,17Variable Modality LUT Softcopy Presentation StateStandard2023aPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 232 PartsJPEG XL Transfer SyntaxBallotPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 233 PartsPatient Model Gender EnhancementCommentPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 234 Parts 2,4,6,18DICOMweb Storage CommitmentStandard2023ePDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 235 Parts 2,3,5,6,18HTJ2K Transfer SyntaxStandard2023dPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 236 PartsStructured Display for WaveformsWorkPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 237 Parts 3,4,6,17General 32-bit ECGStandard2023bPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 238 PartsAssertion CollectionWorkPDF
Supp 239 Parts 3,4,6,15,16Waveform Annotation SRStandard2024bPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 240 PartsHeightmap SegmentationBallotPDFDOCXSLIDE
Supp 241 PartsStructural Heart SR TemplateWorkPDF
Supp 242 PartsUltrasound Fetal Cardiac Structured Report ExtensionsWorkPDF
Supp 243 Parts 3,4,6Label Map SegmentationBallotPDFXMLSLIDE
Supp 244 Parts 2,5,6,18Frame Deflate Transfer SyntaxWorkPDFXMLSLIDE

Correction Proposals - By Number

CorrectionAffectedTitleStatusApplies ToDocument
CP 1CancelledPDF
CP 2CancelledPDF
CP 3CancelledPDF
CP 4CancelledPDF
CP 5CancelledPDF
CP 6CancelledPDF
CP 7CancelledPDF
CP 8CancelledPDF
CP 9CancelledPDF
CP 10CancelledPDF
CP 11CancelledPDF
CP 12CancelledPDF
CP 13CancelledPDF
CP 14 Parts 5Encoding of Uncompressed Pixel DataStandard1993PDF
CP 15 Parts 3LUT Data Encoding and Rescale TypeStandard1993PDF
CP 16 Parts 3Sorter Bin Attribute for Basic Film SessionStandard1993PDF
CP 17 Parts 4Conformance Statement SOP Class Attributes and ValuesStandard1993PDF
CP 18 Parts 3Open issues for CR IODCancelledPDF
CP 19 Parts 4Image Deletion in Film SessionStandard1993PDF
CP 20 Parts 3Clarification of Pixel Aspect RatioStandard1993PDF
CP 21 Parts 3Same Attribute in Multiple ModulesStandard1993PDF
CP 22 Parts 3Units for Frame Time and VectorStandard1993PDF
CP 23 Parts 3Numbering of Pixel OriginStandard1993PDF
CP 24 Parts 5Correct Definition in Table for VR=SQStandard1993PDF
CP 25 Parts 3Frame of Reference - CT/MR LocalizerStandard1993PDF
CP 26 Parts 2Standard Extended SOP Classes Adding Required AttributesStandard1993PDF
CP 27 Parts 3Patient Orientation "will" to "shall"Standard1993PDF
CP 28 Parts 7C-ECHO Message Protocol DescriptionStandard1993PDF
CP 29 Parts 5JPEG Transfer Syntax UID WrongStandard1993PDF
CP 30 Parts 7Behaviour of Synchronous/Asynchronous OperationStandard1993PDF
CP 31 Parts 5Explicit VR in Compressed Pixel Data ExamplesStandard1993PDF
CP 32 Parts 5Definition of Enumerated ValuesStandard1993PDF
CP 33 Parts 3,4,7UID Typo - No Trailing PeriodsStandard1993PDF
CP 34 Parts 3SC and General Equipment/Image ModulesStandard1993PDF
CP 35 Parts 7N-CREATE and Empty Data SetsStandard1993PDF
CP 36 Parts 4Type 3 Attributes for Patient EventsStandard1993PDF
CP 37 Parts 4N-CREATE of VOI LUT Box SOP InstanceStandard1993PDF
CP 38 Parts 5Byte Order of Attribute Tag VRStandard1993PDF
CP 39Clarification of Optical Density Units for LUTsCancelledPDF
CP 40Correct Scheduled Study Location for multiple locationsCancelledPDF
CP 41Correct the relationship between Results and StudiesCancelledPDF
CP 42Correct the relationship between Results and StudiesCancelledPDF
CP 43 Parts 3Double Occurrence of LUT Number in ModuleStandard1993PDF
CP 44 Parts 3Multiplicity of Sequence Items, Part AStandard
See CP 83
CP 45 Parts 5Clarification on encoding of Type 2 sequence elementsCancelledPDF
CP 46 Parts 3Wrong Tag for Study Component SequenceStandard1993PDF
CP 47 Parts 5Private Creator Required Within SequencesStandard1993PDF
CP 48 Parts 8Correct Misnamed Table and ReferenceStandard1993PDF
CP 49 Parts 4,7Attribute Out of Range Warning StatusStandard1993PDF
CP 50Correct encoding of designation of character setsCancelledPDF
CP 51 Parts 3Include Curves in CR IODsStandard1993PDF
CP 52 Parts 3Wrong Attribute Placement in Visit Admission ModuleStandard1993PDF
CP 53 Parts 3,6Double Entry of Referenced Image Box Sequence TagStandard1993PDF
CP 54 Parts 5Unclear example for AT encodingStandard1996PDF
CP 55 Parts 3Pixel Aspect Ratio ExampleStandard1993PDF
CP 56 Parts 4Pixel Aspect Ratio Use ConditionalStandard1993PDF
CP 57 Parts 3Units of Image Position Co-ordinates are mm.Standard1993PDF
CP 58 Parts 3Incorrect Module NamesStandard1993PDF
CP 59 Parts 3,6Attribute Names Used Twice (by Overlay Plane Module)Standard1993PDF
CP 60 Parts 6Audio Comments Type SpecificationStandard1993PDF
CP 61 Parts 4C-DIMSE Status Codes ClarifiedStandard1993PDF
CP 62Value Representation for Interpretation Text is too shortCancelledPDF
CP 63 Parts 3Rescale Attributes for MR IODCancelledPDF
CP 64 Parts 3Application of Modality LUTsCancelledPDF
CP 65 Parts 3Add Attribute Pixel TransformationCancelledPDF
CP 66 Parts 3Imager Pixel Spacing Attribute added to CR Image Module as Type 3Standard1996PDF
CP 67 Parts 4Exceptions to the character repertoire for matchingStandard1996PDF
CP 68 Parts 5Forbid Backslash in Person NamesStandard1996PDF
CP 69 Parts 5Planar Configuration in US SupplementStandard1996PDF
CP 70 Parts 3Axis Units CMS2 listed twice with different definitionsStandard1996PDF
CP 71 Parts 4,6Modality at the study levelStandard1996PDF
CP 72 Parts 3,4,6Optional Worklist Matching KeyStandard1996PDF
CP 73 Parts 3Need to identify head of patient for RF IODCancelledPDF
CP 74 Parts 4,6Add number of series related images in Series level keysStandard1996PDF
CP 75Cancelled
See CP 66
CP 76 Parts 3,4Make link from study to study component optionalStandard1996PDF
CP 77 Parts 6Wrong VR for exposure parametersStandard1996PDF
CP 78 Parts 3,6Attribute for Pixel TransformationCancelled
See CP 65
CP 79 Parts 5JPEG Multiframe EncodingStandard1996PDF
CP 80 Parts 4Print Management ClarificationsStandard1996PDF
CP 81 Parts 4Print Management Clarifications - Negotiate Print Job/Printer SOP Class aloneStandard1996PDF
CP 82 Parts 2Relax requirement for documenting private attributesCancelledPDF
CP 83 Parts 3Multiplicity of Sequence Items, Part BCancelled
See CP 44
CP 84 Parts 7Asynchronous Operations ClarificationCancelledPDF
CP 85 Parts 3,4,6Basic Print and OverlaysCancelledPDF
CP 86 Parts 3Documentation of Repeating Sequences, Attribute MacrosStandard1996PDF
CP 87 Parts 3Overlay Bits AllocatedStandard1996PDF
CP 88 Parts 3Overlay Pixel Aspect RatioCancelledPDF
CP 89 Parts 3Overlay Origin ClarificationStandard1996PDF
CP 90 Parts 3Retire Overlay LUTsStandard1996PDF
CP 91 Parts 3Printing Overlays with Different Magnification than the ImageCancelledPDF
CP 92 Parts 4Storing Overlay Data for PrintingCancelledPDF
CP 93 Parts 4Storing N-SET of Overlay Sequence in Image BoxesCancelledPDF
CP 94 Parts 4Attribute usage when N-SET Attributes same as N-CREATEStandard1996PDF
CP 95 Parts 3Define SOP Instance UID same/different criteriaCancelledPDF
CP 96 Parts 3Cancelled
See CP 66
CP 97 Parts 3LUT Value RangesCancelledPDF
CP 98 Parts 4Make link from Study to Visit OptionalCancelledPDF
CP 99 Parts 3,4,6Extended Query Retrieve ModelStandard1998PDF
CP 100 Parts 4Printable Matrix SizesCancelledPDF
CP 101 Parts 3,5,6Standard Text VR too short for Information SystemsCancelledPDF
CP 102 Parts 3Correct condition on Pixel Component OrganizationStandard1996PDF
CP 103 Parts 6Administration Route Code SequenceStandard1996PDF
CP 104 Parts 3Typo in File-set Consistency FlagStandard1996PDF
CP 105 Parts 5Odd String Attribute PaddingStandard1998PDF
CP 106 Parts 2Clarify Media Conformance RequirementsStandard1996PDF
CP 107 Parts 3,5Add Support for UNICODE Character SetCancelled
See CP 252
CP 108 Parts 3,4Requested Image Size DescriptionStandard1996PDF
CP 109 Parts 4Fix Film Box N-ACTIONStandard1998PDF
CP 110 Parts 4Update Conformance Statement to improve annotation descriptionCancelledPDF
CP 111 Parts 5Sequence example has wrong table headingStandard1996PDF
CP 112 Parts 3Display Shutter for non-1:1 aspect ratio images is unclearStandard1996PDF
CP 113 Parts 4Correct example for Scheduled procedure Step Start Time (range matching)Standard1998PDF
CP 114 Parts 10Modify Title for Annex A (Normative to Informative)Standard1998PDF
CP 115 Parts 5Clarify the Date Time (DT) VR for YearsStandard1998PDF
CP 116 Parts 4Correct Tag Value for Scheduled Procedure Step DescriptionStandard1996PDF
CP 117 Parts 8Correct Field Name for Table 9-23CancelledPDF
CP 118 Parts 3,11Need Frame in Referenced Image SequenceStandard1998PDF
CP 119 Parts 5Clarify limit on private Repeating GroupsStandard1996PDF
CP 120 Parts 5Clarify Padding for Multiframe Encapsulated Pixel DataStandard1998PDF
CP 121 Parts 3,4,6Retire Biplane XA SOP ClassStandard1998PDF
CP 122 Parts 5Unlimited Text VRStandard1996PDF
CP 123 Parts 5Explicit VR length field for new VRs to support byte-order conversionCancelledPDF
CP 124 Parts 5Misleading wording regarding data element tagsCancelledPDF
CP 125 Parts 3Value for Frame Time for Single frame Multi-frame imagesCancelledPDF
CP 126 Parts 4,6Consistency of Error CodesCancelledPDF
CP 127 Parts 4Flexible Print Formatting, Annotation and LayoutStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 128 Parts 7Status Code ConventionsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 129 Parts 5Clarification by Correction of TablesCancelledPDF
CP 130 Parts 4Specify Date/Time Matching for Query/RetrieveStandard1999PDF
CP 131 Parts 3Timezone Specification in SOP CommonStandard1999PDF
CP 132 Parts 3Type Definition of Duplicate AttributesStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 133 Parts 3,6Add support for associating contours in Bifurcated RT StructuresStandard1999PDF
CP 134 Parts 3Add Instance Number to DICOM RT ObjectsStandard1999PDF
CP 135 Parts 3,6Add Compensator Type to RT Plan ObjectStandard1999PDF
CP 136 Parts 5Creation of OL Value RepresentationCancelledPDF
CP 137 Parts 3Clarification of Image Position DefinitionStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 138 Parts 3Add Procedure Code Sequence and Action Item Code Sequence to Image IODsStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 139 Parts 3Specify Photometric Interpretation for CR IODStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 140 Parts 3Remove redundant sequence item encoding descriptionsStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 141 Parts 4Additional types to exclude from wildcard matchingStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 142 Parts 3Incorrect value range for IS, SL and SSStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 143 Parts 3,5,6Palette Color LUT ClarificationsStandard1999PDF
CP 144 Parts 5Audio Sample Data VR ClarificationStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 145 Parts 5,6Curve Data VR ClarificationCancelledPDFDOC
CP 146 Parts 4Clarification of Query RetrieveStandard1999PDF
CP 147 Parts 3,5Multi-byte Character Set ClarificationsStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 148 Parts 3Interpretation Status ID ClarificationStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 149CancelledPDF
CP 150 Parts 316 Bit Palette Color Encoding ClarificationCancelled
See CP 143
CP 151 Parts 3Anatomic Region Sequence Modifier nesting in Intra-oral ImageStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 152 Parts 3,5Clarification of Type 2 IntentionStandard1999PDF
CP 153 Parts 4N-Event-report and association management in Storage CommitmentStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 154 Parts 3,5Multibyte Character Set ClarificationsStandard1999PDF
CP 155 Parts 3,5Add support for ISO IR 149 Korean Character SetsStandard1999PDF
CP 156 Parts 5Clarify Image Pixel Attributes for Compressed Transfer SyntaxesStandard1999PDF
CP 157 Parts 3Correct Typos in US Image ModuleStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 158 Parts 4Print Image Collision Status ClarificationStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 159 Parts 3,6Generalize Therapy Module to Intervention ModuleStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 160 Parts 6Correct VR of Performed Procedure Step ID to SHStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 161 Parts 3Miscellaneous Corrections on ModelsStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 162 Parts 5Scope of UID UniquenessStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 163 Parts 3,4,6Support of HL7 Placer/Filler Order NumbersStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 164 Parts 3,4,6Correct Tag for Maximum Memory AllocationStandard1998PDFDOC
CP 165 Parts 3,5Icon Image Sequence for Composite Image IODsStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 166 Parts 3Correction of Retired Referenced Print (Image Box Relationship Module)Standard1999PDFDOC
CP 167 Parts 3Omission in Retired Reference PrintCancelledPDF
CP 168 Parts 7Non-Encoded Failure Status - Add CodeStandard1999PDF
CP 169 Parts 3Clarify Viewing Point for Compensator DataStandard1999PDF
CP 170 Parts 3Clarify use of Beam Number, Beam Label, and Beam Name attributesStandard1999PDF
CP 171 Parts 3Add support for translation of RT Imaging DevicesStandard1999PDF
CP 172 Parts 6VR for OB/OW, group lengthsStandard1999PDF
CP 173 Parts 3,4Presentation LUT Parameters: Basic Film Box versus Basic Film SessionStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 174 Parts 5,6Add support for JPEG-LS Transfer SyntaxesStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 175 Parts 3NM changing focal distance Collimator to DetectorStandard1999PDF
CP 176Appropriate IOD for NM Results ScreensCancelledPDF
CP 177 Parts 3Correct Results Interpretation Relationship ModuleStandard1999PDF
CP 178 Parts 3Add standard paper sizes to defined terms for Film Size IDStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 179 Parts 4Omission in supplement 38 Basic Image Overlay SOP ClassStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 180 Parts 4Clarification of behavior of Presentation LUT attributesStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 181 Parts 4Behavior clarification for Presentation LUT and Basic Print Image Overlay Box SOP ClassStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 182 Parts 3Clarification of use of AE Title by C-Move ServiceStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 183 Parts 3Correct pixel ordering description in RT Beams ModuleStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 184 Parts 5Clarify Example of Defined TermsStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 185 Parts 4Fix wrong tag for Patient Birth Date in MPPSStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 186 Parts 4Clarifying the use of C-Find ResponsesCancelledPDF
CP 187 Parts 3,6Value Representations for DXStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 188 Parts 6Value Representations for Specimen IdentificationStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 189 Parts 5Clarification of UN VR for undefined lengthStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 190 Parts 4Allow case insensitive matching for PN value representationsStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 191 Parts 4Add optional attribute to convey the Availability Level of imagesStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 192 Parts 3,6Add rejected image attributes to DXCancelledPDF
CP 193 Parts 3,6Add partial view attributes to Digital MammoStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 194 Parts 3Add support for ISO-IR 166 Thai TIS 620 character setStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 195 Parts 11,12Addition of 4.1 GB MOD, and use in CT/MR application profileCancelled
See Supp 62
CP 196 Parts 3Clarify use of Modality Attribute in Modality Performed Procedure Step IODStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 197 Parts 4Add "Comments on the Performed Procedure Step" as optional attributeStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 198 Parts 3Change the definition for the attribute "Exposure"Standard1999PDFDOC
CP 199 Parts 4Specific Character Set in QueriesStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 200 Parts 14Correct Lookup Table D.1-2 in part 14Standard1999PDFDOC
CP 201 Parts 3,4,6Replace Action Items with ProtocolStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 202 Parts 3,4Clarify Print Presentation LUT DescriptorStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 203 Parts 3Additional Defined Term for Printer Status Info Standard1999PDFDOC
CP 204 Parts 3Code Sequence Macro correctionStandard1999PDFDOC
CP 205 Parts 3Correct CR Cassette Size Defined TermsStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 206 Parts 5Character Repertoires for Unlimited TextStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 207 Parts 6Retire Unused DICOM AttributesStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 208 Parts 3Relationship of patient coordinate systems in DICOM and IEC 62C/269/CDVStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 209 Parts 3RT Plan reference to acquisition frame of referenceStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 210 Parts 3Clarification of fractionation scheme in RT PlanStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 211 Parts 3Add support for Basic Worklist Management and Modality Performed Procedure Step for RT ObjectsStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 212 Parts 3Clarification of Image Position (0020,0032) in 3rd dimensionStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 213 Parts 4DX Image Storage ClarificationsStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 214 Parts 3,4Retire Detached Results & InterpretationCancelledPDF
CP 215 Parts 3Clarify prohibition on containment of containers across by-reference relationshipsStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 216 Parts 3Restrict SR COMPOSITE, IMAGE and WAVEFORM to one referenceStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 217 Parts 3Add Icon Image Sequence to SR IMAGE value typeStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 218 Parts 3Compression Transfer Syntax for Structured ReportingStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 219 Parts 3SR UIDREF Purpose and Type of ReferenceCancelledPDF
CP 220 Parts 3Clarification of Beam Type Attribute in RT BeamsStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 221 Parts 3Clarification of DVH Dose Scaling RT Dose ObjectStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 222 Parts 3Clarification of discrete-valued attributes in RT Plan Control Point SequenceStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 223 Parts 3,6Radiotherapy block and compensator mounting directionStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 224 Parts 3,6Addition of treatment technique type in RT planStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 225 Parts 3,6Clarification of simulator image collimator representationStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 226 Parts 3Enhance C.4-16 Radiation Dose Module Attributes to meet Japanese RequirementsStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 227 Parts 3Add Comments on the Performed Procedure Step to General Series ModuleStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 228 Parts 3,6Value Multiplicity of GridStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 229 Parts 3Add Specimen Identification sections C. and C. to PS 3.3Standard2000PDFDOC
CP 230 Parts 3Addition of Stage Code Sequence to Ultrasound IODsStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 231 Parts 4Order and number of storage associations irrelevantStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 232 Parts 4Allow additional optional query keys at patient and study levelStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 233 Parts 3Clarify SR closed polyline start and end pointsStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 234 Parts 6Waveform supplement jumbo patchStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 235 Parts 3Clarify NM detector start angle usage AssignedPDFDOC
CP 236 Parts 5Pixel data excess paddingStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 237 Parts 3Clarify definitions of collimator attributesStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 238 Parts 3Add patient spoken language to patient demographics moduleStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 239 Parts 3,6Consistency of Admitting DiagnosesStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 240 Parts 12Reality check on CD-R recording modesStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 241 Parts 3,4,6Consistency of Imaging Service Request attributesStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 242 Parts 6Duplicate NM retired/new elements in data dictionaryStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 243 Parts 3Decription of MPPS Referenced Standalone SOP Instance SequenceStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 244 Parts 3Visible Light Pixel Spacing Sequence conditionStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 245 Parts 6Missing waveform elements in data dictionaryStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 246 Parts 5Undefined length UN VR value is always implicit VRStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 247 Parts 3,6Codes for persons in composite objectsStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 248 Parts 3Patient Position attribute conditionalityStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 249 Parts 3Add Presentation LUT Shape to General Image ModuleStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 250 Parts 3,4,6Addition of status modifier attribute to MPPSCancelledPDF
CP 251 Parts 3,4,6Addition of discontinued reason to MPPSStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 252 Parts 3,5Define support for Chinese Character SetsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 253 Parts 3,5Define support for Chinese Character Sets - MainlandCancelled
See CP 252
CP 254 Parts 3Icons for RT Dose and Stored PrintStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 255 Parts 3Behavior when VOI LUT Module attributes absentStandard2000PDFDOC
CP 256 Parts 16Add new view terms to NM View Code sequenceStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 257 Parts 3,4Clarify Referenced Study Component SequenceStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 258 Parts 3Additional Radiation Dose Module Attributes for CTCancelled
See Supp 94
CP 259 Parts 3Retire unused Photometric InterpretationsStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 260 Parts 3Add Numeric Value Type QualifierStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 261 Parts 3Specification of Identifier or Selection ValuesStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 262 Parts 3Multiple Observers in Observer Context TemplateStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 263 Parts 8Clarify DICOM AddressingCancelled
See Supp 44
CP 264 Parts 4Clarify matching requirements for Modality WorklistStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 265 Parts 16Modify numeric measurement templatesStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 266 Parts 3INFERRED FROM CODE and NUM in Enhanced SOP ClassStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 267 Parts 3Correct Basic Directory IOD E-R FigureStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 268 Parts 4Clarify definition of SOP InstanceStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 269 Parts 10Define Media Storage ServicesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 270 Parts 3,6,16Add Contributing Equipment SequenceStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 271 Parts 4Clarify C-Find behavior when there is no matchStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 272 Parts 4Addition of attribute to distinguish change/add cases in MPPSCancelledPDF
CP 273 Parts 3Identical Document Sequence TypoStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 274 Parts 16Add definition for Template parametersStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 275 Parts 16Clarify Transitivity of Enumerated or Defined TemplatesStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 276 Parts 16General numeric measurement templateStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 277 Parts 16Adjustments of French translations for code meaningsStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 278 Parts 3Addition of Graphic Annotations to Ultrasound Image IODsCancelledPDF
CP 279 Parts 6Correction of VR for Column AngulationStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 280 Parts 8Order of Sub-Items within a User Information ItemStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 281 Parts 4Clarify use of normalized referenced sequences in MWLStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 282 Parts 4Clarify VM for matching keys in QRStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 283 Parts 5Clarify Basic Offset TableStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 284 Parts 4Add SOP Class UID as optional query keyStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 285 Parts 4Clarify behavior when C-MOVE association is lostStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 286 Parts 3Quotation uses COMPOSITE value type not in SR IODsStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 287 Parts 3Displayed area selection pixel addressing and spatial transformationStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 288 Parts 5Clarify UT VR encoding in figureStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 289 Parts 3Move Referenced Waveform from US Image to General Image ModuleStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 290 Parts 16Context Group code updates for Mammo CADStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 291 Parts 16Ultrasound Stage View preferenceStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 292 Parts 3Different description of Performed Procedure Step IDStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 293 Parts 3Wrong value multiplicity Coordination Curve attributesStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 294 Parts 3Clarify SR Container Referenced Content ItemStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 295 Parts 16Eliminate Code Meaning synonyms from Context GroupsStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 296 Parts 16Eliminate duplicate terms and provide missing definitionsCancelledPDFDOC
CP 297 Parts 16Modify TID 1008Standard2001PDFDOC
CP 298 Parts 16Add template convention for Coding Scheme VersionStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 299 Parts 16Correct CID 9 Coding Scheme ReferenceStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 300 Parts 3Correct Spatial Transformation ConditionStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 301 Parts 4,7Correct C-MOVE and C-GET response attributesStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 302 Parts 4Storage Commitment SCP must use same AE TitleStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 303 Parts 3Fix TM-line definitionStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 304 Parts 3Clarification of Private CodesCancelled
See CP 324
CP 305 Parts 16Correct error in PS 3.16, TID 4006Standard2001PDFDOC
CP 306 Parts 3Support for negative error dose values in RadiotherapyStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 307 Parts 3Clarification of RT Image PositionStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 308 Parts 3Support for Verification Plans in RadiotherapyStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 309 Parts 4,6Alternate UID for lossy compressed imagesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 310 Parts 16Add Modality Codes to DCMRStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 311 Parts 3,4,6Add Requested Contrast Agent Code SequenceCancelled
See CP 326
CP 312 Parts 3,5Clarify Type 1 and 1C within sequencesStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 313 Parts 3Clarify description of Palette Color LUT attributeStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 314 Parts 3Clarify US Region Calibration Region FlagsCancelled
See Supp 84
CP 315 Parts 3Add general anatomy macrosStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 316 Parts 6Consistency of Effective Duration AttributeStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 317 Parts 8Clarify P-DATA PDU minimum lengthStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 318 Parts 7Remove duplicate PDU annexStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 319 Parts 3,6Corrections to new MR objectStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 320 Parts 3,6Inconsistent Data Element NameStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 321 Parts 16Key object selection for printingStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 322Clarify That Code Sequence Macro Identifies a ConceptCancelledPDF
CP 323 Parts 3,16Code Meaning for UCUM code value of 1Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 324 Parts 3,6Expand definition of Coding Scheme Designator and Clarify Private CodesStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 325 Parts 4Case-insensitive PN Matching Allows Accent-Insensitive MatchingStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 326 Parts 3,4,6,16Enhance Modality Worklist for NM/PET Workflow, JJ1017, and Coded ContrastStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 327 Parts 3Remove Dangling References from PET Isotope ModuleStandard2001PDFDOC
CP 328 Parts 3,16Add Related Series Sequence to General Series ModuleStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 329 Parts 3Clarification of Usage of Center of Rotation Offset in NM IODsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 330 Parts 3,6Addition of Slice Order Indication for NM IODsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 331 Parts 16Revision of View Codes for NM IODsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 332 Parts 3Forbid overlays for Samples per Pixel > 1Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 333 Parts 3Clarify Image Type Value OptionalityStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 334 Parts 4Clarify Need to Create MPPS Discontinuation ReasonStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 335 Parts 3Reorganize Part 3 Section C.17.3Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 336 Parts 4Clarify Behavior with Duplicate SOP Instances in a Storage CommitmentStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 337 Parts 3Allow Non-cine Multiframe XA and XRF InstancesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 338 Parts 15Add AES to DICOM TLS NegotiationStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 339 Parts 16Add Missing Code Definitions to PS 3.16, Annex DStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 340 Parts 3,4,6Add Modification Date and Time to GP-SPSStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 341 Parts 15Add Spectroscopy Data and Raw Data to signature profilesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 342 Parts 4MWL Response Identifier should contain only what was requestedStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 343 Parts 3Add Spectroscopy and Raw Data records to DICOMDIRStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 344 Parts 4Correct references to the retired Referenced Image Box SOP ClassStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 345 Parts 3Mammo stereotaxy projectionCancelledPDF
CP 346 Parts 3Rename Enumerated CIDs as Defined Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 347 Parts 3,6Support for characterization of fluence maps in radiotherapyStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 348 Parts 3Clarify Date/Time Matching with UTC OffsetsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 349 Parts 3Correct Rescale Slope and Rescale Intercept attribute tagsCancelledPDF
CP 350 Parts 3,6Addition of phase description to NM IODsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 351 Parts 3,16Addition of stress/rest terminology to NM IODsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 352 Parts 3Corrections to new MR object 2CancelledPDF
CP 353 Parts 3,6Extension of MR Echo Train Length attributeStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 354 Parts 3Fix PRINTER BUFFER FULL status valueStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 355 Parts 7Clarify SCP/SCU Role SelectionStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 356 Parts 3Correct Acquisition Context Module note in DX IODStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 357 Parts 3,6Add attributes to CT IOD for helical pitchStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 358 Parts 5Clarify AE Value RepresentationStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 359 Parts 3Forbid HAS CONCEPT MOD By-Reference RelationshipStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 360 Parts 3Add higher precision X-ray Dose attributes to XA IODStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 361 Parts 3Add Synchronization and DX Detector Modules to XA and XRF IODsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 362 Parts 3,6X-Ray table position attribute names clarificationStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 363 Parts 4Clarification of attribute to MPPS for Group Study UIDStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 364 Parts 3MR Spatial Saturation Sequence incorrect number of itemsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 365 Parts 3Laterality in Enhanced MRStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 366 Parts 3Pixel Aspect Ratio inappropriate for enhanced MR imagesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 367 Parts 3Palette Color LUT for enhanced MR imagesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 368 Parts 3Redundant conditions in Acquisition ContextStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 369 Parts 3Missing number of items in Contrast/Bolus Module, MR Diffusion and MR Anatomy Macros, Purpose of Reference Code SequenceStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 370 Parts 6Wrong VR for LUT Label in Enhanced MRStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 371 Parts 16Update language and country codesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 372 Parts 16Provide coding scheme UIDsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 373 Parts 16Correct CID 7455Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 374 Parts 16Correct View CodesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 375 Parts 16Correct Context Groups for Intra-oral anatomyStandard2015aPDFDOC
CP 376 Parts 16Fix Typos in related to OB-GYN templatesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 377 Parts 16Support for OB-GYN Vascular MeasurementsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 378 Parts 5Add comparison with ISO-2022-JP-2 for Japanese character setsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 379 Parts 3,6Various MR attribute changesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 380 Parts 3Mixed image multi-frame functional group requirements in Enhanced MRStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 381 Parts 3Defined Terms for Image Type in Enhanced MRStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 382 Parts 3Clarify Concatenation requirements in Enhanced MRStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 383 Parts 3MR Spectroscopy FixesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 384 Parts 3Number of Frames in Functional GroupsCancelled
See Supp 58
CP 385 Parts 3Supplemental Palette Color CompressionStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 386 Parts 3,6,16MR Chemical Shift in Metabolite MapsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 387 Parts 16Add context group for information object typesCancelled
See Supp 101
CP 388 Parts 16Update template definition for extensibilityStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 389 Parts 16Add volume measurement to TID 40xxStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 390 Parts 16Add missing TID 14xx definitionsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 391 Parts 16Corrections to context groups 6018, 6019Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 392 Parts 3Add Frame Pointers Module to Multi-frame US IODStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 393 Parts 3,16Add Partial View Code SequenceStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 394 Parts 16Correct Typo in TID 1006Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 395 Parts 3Add Slice Order Indication and View Code Sequence to PET IODStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 396 Parts 16Correct typos in TID 4017, 4018, 4020Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 397 Parts 4Query Key for SOP Classes in StudyStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 398 Parts 3,6,16Add Ultrasound Contrast AgentsCancelledPDF
CP 399 Parts 2Calibration of Color Displays for GrayscaleStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 400 Parts 3Lossy Compression Method and Original ImagesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 401 Parts 3Clarify Patient OrientationStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 402 Parts 3,6Add attributes for Ultrasound scan geometryCancelledPDFDOC
CP 403 Parts 16Correct Typos in Vascular TemplatesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 404 Parts 3Add defined terms, medium type for MammographyStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 405 Parts 3Correct VOI LUT description in NM IODStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 406 Parts 16Add Discontinued Reason Codes to PS 3.16 Annex DStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 407 Parts 4Correct Service Status ClassesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 408 Parts 11Add 12bit Lossy JPEG to STD-XA1K-DVDStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 409 Parts 3,4,6Add Reason for Requested Procedure Code SequenceStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 410 Parts 3Correct Observation Datetime conditionStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 411 Parts 3Refine Mammography positioning attributesStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 412 Parts 3Clarify Type in SOP Common ModuleStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 413 Parts 3Change documentation of Icon Image SequenceStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 414 Parts 3Clarify Uniqueness of Pixel Padding ValueStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 415 Parts 5Even length padding for Deflate Transfer SyntaxStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 416 Parts 3Photometric Interpretation for JPEG 2000 and MF SC IODStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 417 Parts 3Add US Region Bit FlagsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 418 Parts 3,16Sup 72 CorrectionsStandard2003PDF
CP 419 Parts 3,6Ultrasound Region ModesCancelledPDF
CP 420 Parts 3,6,16Add R-Wave Time VectorStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 421 Parts 15Add AES to DICOM Secure Media and Attribute EncryptionStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 422 Parts 3,4Add Issuer of Patient ID to Patient ModuleStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 423 Parts 3Add Anatomy Sequences to VL Image ModuleCancelled
See CP 315
See Supp 47
CP 424 Parts 3Clarify specializations of Referenced Image SequenceStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 425 Parts 3Correct X-ray anatomy sequencesCancelled
See CP 315
CP 426 Parts 16Correct SNOMED codes in CID 4009 and CID 4016Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 427 Parts 16Refine Cath Complications ReportingStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 428 Parts 16Add Summary Assessments to TID 3570 and 3812Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 429 Parts 16Use pre-coordinated terms in TID 3507Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 430 Parts 16Additions to PS 3.16 for Cardiac Cath SRCancelledPDFDOC
CP 431 Parts 3Add MR Series ModuleStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 432 Parts 3,6UTC Synchronization Frame of ReferenceStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 433 Parts 3Retire Ultrasound Frame of ReferenceStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 434 Parts 3RT Dose Grid Frame Offset VectorStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 435 Parts 3,6Dose Reference UID in RT PlanStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 436 Parts 3Additional Dose Volume Histogram Type in BrachytherapyStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 437 Parts 3Clarify Control Point Sequence Example DStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 438 Parts 3,6Addition of Fraction Group Name to RT Fraction Scheme moduleStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 439 Parts 3Clarification of structures with excluded volumes in RTStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 440 Parts 3New defined terms for Fixation Device Type in RTStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 441 Parts 3,6RT Alternate Accessory CodesStandard2003PDF
CP 442 Parts 3RT Tissue Heterogeneity CorrectionStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 443 Parts 3RT Wedge Position ClarificationStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 444 Parts 3Clarify the use of Reference Series in Presentation StateStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 445 Parts 3Allow X-Ray Table Module included when only angulation doneStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 446 Parts 3Distance Source to Detector and SID errorsStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 447 Parts 3MR Enhanced Contrast/Bolus ModuleStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 448 Parts 16Anatomical Terms for Grouped Body PartsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 449 Parts 3More Vascular Ultrasound Anatomy TermsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 450 Parts 3Correct Myocardium MassWorkPDF
CP 451 Parts 16Add Key Object Selection Document Title for Report AttachmentStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 452 Parts 16Consolidate SR Container attributes into a MacroStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 453 Parts 16Define Graphic Type Value Set ConstraintStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 454 Parts 16Correct description of SCOORD Image ReferenceStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 455 Parts 16Correct multiplicity in TID 1002Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 456 Parts 16Correct default value in TID 1006Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 457 Parts 16Add YBR_420 for Ultrasound MPEGStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 458 Parts 16Correct condition in TID 1404Standard2003PDFDOC
CP 459 Parts 1,17Create PS 3.17 for Explanatory InformationStandard2003PDFDOC
CP 460 Parts 16Correction to final text Supplement 72Standard2004PDFDOC
CP 461 Parts 4Clarify Storage Service level 2 includes Private AttributesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 462 Parts 16Replace DCM codes with SNOMED codesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 463 Parts 16Clarify that order of template rows is significantStandard2009PDF
CP 464 Parts 4Add SOP Common to the Print related N-CREATEsWorkPDF
CP 465 Parts 3,6,16Ultrasound Tissue ClassificationStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 466 Parts 4Normalized SOP Instance and Class UID requirementsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 467 Parts 3,17Add VOI LUT Function AttributeStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 468 Parts 3Correction tag and missing condition CTDIvol attributeStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 469 Parts 3Add Radiation Dose Comment inside sequenceStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 470 Parts 3Add Multiframe Secondary Capture JPEG 2000 Photometric InterpretationsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 471 Parts 16Add common finding templateCancelledPDFDOC
CP 472 Parts 15Basic Application Level Confidentiality Profile for SR and GSPSStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 473 Parts 3Correct location of specimen in information modelCancelled
See Supp 122
CP 474 Parts 3Apply Image Sequence Macro where appropriateStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 475 Parts 4Add IOD for Relevant Patient Information QueryStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 476 Parts 3Add pre-coordinated view codes for cardiac ultrasoundStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 477 Parts 16Add PPS Discontinued Reason - Equipment ChangeStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 478 Parts 16Move term from CID 6054 to CID 6016Standard2004PDFDOC
CP 479 Parts 16CAD Rendering Intent LevelStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 480 Parts 3,16Add MG Series Attribute for Screening/DiagnosticStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 481 Parts 3Conflicting text in Fiducials ObjectStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 482 Parts 3Addition of stress/rest terminology to PET IODStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 483 Parts 3,6RT Bolus ID and DescriptionStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 484 Parts 3,6RT Brachytherapy Source StrengthStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 485 Parts 3RT Brachytherapy Thickness and TransmissionStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 486 Parts 3,6RT Control Point DoseStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 487 Parts 3,6RT Fixation DevicesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 488 Parts 3RT Image Receptor Translation ClarificationWorkPDF
CP 489 Parts 3Retire RT Referenced Patient SetupStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 490 Parts 3,6RT Referenced Setup ImagesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 491 Parts 3,6RT Setup LabelStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 492 Parts 16Add Calculated Value to Mammography CAD SRStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 493 Parts 3,6Add View Modifiers to CID 4015Standard2004PDFDOC
CP 494 Parts 7Clarification to Asynchronous Operations Window NegotiationStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 495 Parts 3,4,6Add Scheduled Procedure Step Code SequenceCancelledPDFDOC
CP 496 Parts 3,4,6Change name of Procedure Code SequenceCancelledPDF
CP 497 Parts 3Media creation statusStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 498 Parts 3Lossy Image Compression Method for images without General Image ModuleStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 499 Parts 3VM of Convolution Kernel in Enhanced CTStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 500 Parts 3Conditions on Reconstruction FOV attributes in Enhanced CTStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 501 Parts 3Contrast Bolus Usage Macro should use Enumerated ValuesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 502 Parts 3Contrast Bolus Agent NumberingStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 503 Parts 3Sharing of Contrast Usage Functional Group MacroStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 504 Parts 16Add additional contrast agent related codesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 505 Parts 16,17Errors in echocardiography informative annexStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 506 Parts 4Issuer of Patient ID in MPPS and GP-PPSStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 507 Parts 3,6,16Modify MWL/GP-WL for clinical trial participation and anonymizationStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 508 Parts 16Improve Consistency in Code MeaningsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 509 Parts 16Correct error in wall motion scoring codeStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 510 Parts 3Remove Notes on IS-IS from Real World ModelStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 511 Parts 16Change Hemo Annotations from DICOM to SNOMEDStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 512 Parts 2New SOP Classes added to PS 3.2 SOP Class TableStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 513 Parts 5Support for Chinese Character set in note PS 3.5 section
CP 514 Parts 16Fix typo in TID 3470Standard2004PDFDOC
CP 515 Parts 3Enhanced CT Filter MaterialStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 516 Parts 3Enhanced CT Reconstruction AngleStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 517 Parts 3Clarify Pixel Padding Value must not be in native imageStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 518 Parts 3Identifying CT and MR acquisitions by raw data referencesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 519 Parts 3CT rescale type for localizers should not be HUStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 520 Parts 3More image derivation codesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 521 Parts 16Template for Relevant Patient Info Query for OrdersCancelled
See Supp 108
CP 522 Parts 3Clarification of 8 bit LUT encodingStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 523 Parts 16Rename cath templates for cardiovascular use in generalStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 524 Parts 16Change procedure to analysis in QVAStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 525 Parts 3Correct conditions in Device ModuleStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 526 Parts 3Add original attribute sequence for replaced identifiersStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 527 Parts 16Updates from BI-RADS AtlasStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 528 Parts 3Encoding of empty Functional Group ItemsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 529 Parts 3Correction NM/PET attribute descriptionStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 530 Parts 3Clarifications to PET IODStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 531 Parts 16Correct context group number for CID 220Standard2004PDFDOC
CP 532 Parts 5,10Forbid odd groups less than 0x0008Standard2004PDFDOC
CP 533 Parts 3Derivation history of pixel dataStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 534 Parts 3Module usage abbreviationsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 535 Parts 3Restore mammography view code sequenceStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 536 Parts 3Correct VL Image Photometric Interpretation for MPEGStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 537 Parts 3,4Add Purpose Of Reference to GP-SPSStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 538 Parts 4Remove references to private query information modelsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 539 Parts 16Update route of administration codeStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 540 Parts 16Correct duplicate TID assignmentsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 541 Parts 16Add Purpose Code for Attenuation CorrectionStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 542 Parts 16More Anatomical Terms for Grouped Body PartsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 543 Parts 3Correct Radiation Dose Attributes LinkStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 544 Parts 3Correct Exposed Area Attribute UnitStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 545 Parts 3Mammography CAD Relations CorrectionStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 546 Parts 4Clarify Specific Character Set Usage in C-FINDStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 547 Parts 12Add support for large CD-ROM mediaStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 548 Parts 3,5Notes on use of DS Value Representation for Large ArraysStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 549 Parts 3Additions to RT ROI Interpreted TypeStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 550 Parts 3RT Override SequenceStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 551 Parts 3,6RT Plan IntentStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 552 Parts 3,6Plan-related Reference ImagesCancelled
See CP 490
CP 553 Parts 3,6RT Corrected ParametersStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 554 Parts 3Isocenter position for RT ImagesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 555 Parts 3,6RT Image Position ClarificationStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 556 Parts 3Clarify Service Episode and Visit DefinitionsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 557 Parts 3Usage of Modality Identification attributesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 558 Parts 3CT Image Type Value 3 extensionStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 559 Parts 6VR and VM Studies Containing Other Referenced Instances Sequence missingStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 560 Parts 3References to the Macro Tables of Enhanced MR and CT are wrongStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 561 Parts 3Add dose attributes to CT Image ModuleStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 562 Parts 16Correct TID 4020Standard2004PDFDOC
CP 563 Parts 3,6Patient Identity RemovedStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 564 Parts 3,6,17Spatial locations preserved during processing flagStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 565 Parts 5Pixel Data encoding bit orderStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 566 Parts 3Fiducial Shape Type uses illegal characters in defined termsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 567 Parts 3Clarify index order for multiple dimension organizationsCancelledPDF
CP 568 Parts 3,6,15Add Stereometric Relationship to figures and mediaStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 569 Parts 3,4Add Admission (Visit) ID to PPS and Composite IODsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 570 Parts 16Typos in QCA TemplatesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 571 Parts 3Allow HAS ACQ CONTEXT relationship from NUMStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 572 Parts 3Correct Referenced WaveformStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 573 Parts 4,17Move Informative Sections from Part 4 to Part 17Standard2004PDFDOC
CP 574 Parts 4Add specific characterset attribute to the Print related N-CREATEsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 575 Parts 3Clarify use of Multiplexed Audio for MPEGStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 576 PartsMotion Synchronization in RTStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 577 PartsClarification for Delivered Meterset in Treatment RecordsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 578 PartsClarify Pixel Intensity Relationship for RT ImagesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 579 PartsInclude Enhanced Equipment in New CT/MR IODsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 580 Parts 16Correct Abstract Prior Codes for Hanging ProtocolsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 581 Parts 15Clarify De-identification in Confidentiality ProfileStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 582 Parts 3Constrain Presentation LUT Shape for Enhanced CT and MRStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 583 Parts 3Concatenation Numbering and Attribute DifferencesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 584 Parts 3Make Evidence Sequence Mandatory in all SRStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 585 Parts 3MR Diffusion Dimension ClarificationStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 586 Parts 3Pixel Spacing and Calibration in Projection RadiographyStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 587 Parts 3Add Display Set Justification to Hanging ProtocolsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 588 PartsChange Sequence Attribute for Presentation State in IMAGE Content ItemCancelledPDF
CP 589 PartsAdd Verification Status to Encapsulated PDFStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 590 PartsErrors in Echocardiography Informative AnnexStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 591 PartsAttribute Identifier List for Errors in Sequence AttributesCancelledPDFDOC
CP 592 PartsNote Inconsistency between DICOM and HL7 Patient NameStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 593 PartsExtension of Cardiac Trigger Macro C.
CP 594 PartsTable Position Requirements in Enhanced MR and MR SpectroscopyCancelledPDF
CP 595 PartsAdd SAML Option to Identity NegotiationStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 596 PartsAdd Request and Schedule Information to Results and MPPSCancelledPDFDOC
CP 597 Parts 3,4Instance Availability Notification structureCancelledPDFDOC
CP 598 Parts 16Correction to various TemplatesStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 599 Parts 3Add MPPS information to MWL for Study Date and TimeStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 600 Parts 3Add spatial information to multiframe secondary captureStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 601 Parts 4Add extended negotiation for query matching behaviorStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 602 Parts 4Correct name of Number of Completed Sub-operations attributeStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 603 Parts 8Specify standard non-privileged port numberStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 604 Parts 3Change references to former Part 3 Annex E moved to Part 17Standard2004PDFDOC
CP 605 Parts 16Add informative mapping of BARI to SNOMEDStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 606 Parts 3Forbid multiple Study/Series Directory Records with equal Instance UID in DICOMDIRStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 607 Parts 3Add VR;VM information of retired ACR/NEMA command and data elementsStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 608 Parts 3Remove duplicate registry entry for data element (0018,9022) Blood Signal NullingStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 609 Parts 3Add missing VR and VM information for element (0008,1200)Standard2004PDFDOC
CP 610 Parts 2,3,6Add attribute Display Set Label to Hanging Protocol Display Set SequenceStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 611 Parts 3Add Irradiation Event Functional Group to Enhanced CT IODStandard2004PDFDOC
CP 612 Parts 3MR Receive Coil Macro changes in Enhanced MR and MR SpectroscopyWorkPDF
CP 613 Parts 3,16Clarify Patient Data vs Phantom DataStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 614 Parts 3Effective Depth at Beam Dose Specification PointStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 615 Parts 3Treatment Delivery TypeStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 616 Parts 3,6Gantry Pitch Angle in RTStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 617 Parts 3,6Support for Patient Positioner Pitch and Roll AnglesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 618 Parts 3RT Stopping Power RatiosStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 619 Parts 16Add SCOORD Item to TID 4021Standard2006PDFDOC
CP 620 Parts 4DateTime Range BoundariesStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 621 Parts 3,6Correction tag numbers Enhanced XA/XRFStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 622 Parts 16Additional isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for NMStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 623 Parts 16Additional isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for PETStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 624 Parts 16CAD Operating Point DefinitionStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 625 Parts 16Clarify Breast Ultrasound TerminologyStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 626 Parts 3Clarify pixel spacing row and column orderStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 627 Parts 3Burned in annotation forbidden in enhanced CT and MRStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 628 Parts 3Directory record type for stereometric relationshipsStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 629 Parts 16Correct cardiology units of measurementStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 630 Parts 5Type 1 meaning for multi-valued string attributesStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 631 Parts 12Define Universal Type Identifier for DICOM filesStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 632 Parts 3Correct Palette Color LUT conditions in Color Presentation StatesStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 633 Parts 15Define DNS Service Type and parameters for DICOMStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 634 Parts 3Make Anatomic Region Sequence Type 1 for Enhanced Frame AnatomyStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 635 Parts 16Add SNOMED codes for measurement qualifiersStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 636 Parts 4Move Storage Commit SCP Behavior for JPIP out of the Scope SectionCancelled
See Supp 106
CP 637 Parts 16Additions to Anatomical Terms and ProjectionsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 638 Parts 16Change to LOINC code for Structured Document Section NamesStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 639 Parts 16Revise TID 5200 JJ1017 Protocol ContextStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 640 Parts 7Clarify Role Negotiation ResponseStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 641 Parts 12Revise add support for 80 min CD-R (CP 547)Standard2006PDFDOC
CP 642 Parts 3Correction of conditions CT Reconstruction MacroStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 643 Parts 3,5,6,16Add veterinary identification tagsStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 644 Parts 3Specify one item for Reason for Requested Procedure Code SequenceStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 645 Parts 3Specify number of items for Device and Intervention SequencesStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 646 Parts 16Group of Frames for Display Key Object SelectionStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 647 Parts 4Clarify presence of empty return keys in response identifierStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 648 Parts 16Additional anatomic region codes for CT and MRStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 649 Parts 3,6Mammography CR identification of devices for quality issuesStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 650 Parts 3,6,16Add Pediatric Patient Size to Patient Demographics ModuleStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 651 Parts 3Clarify SPS Status AttributeStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 652 Parts 3Add Channel Description Code Sequence to VLStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 653 Parts 4Clarify SR Unambiguous Rendering RequirementStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 654 Parts 7Typo in Part 7Standard2006PDFDOC
CP 655 Parts 3Create Content Identification MacroStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 656 Parts 6Change VR for Retrieve URICancelled
See Supp 106
CP 657 Parts 7User Identity Negotiation Item-typeStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 658 Parts 2Conformance Statement Introduction ImprovementsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 659 Parts 2,8IPv6 SupportStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 660 Parts 3Addition of Ophthalmology Modality codesStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 661 Parts 16Add Calculated Value for Vascular CalcificationsStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 662 Parts 3Correction for Enhanced XA/XRF Image ModuleStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 663 Parts 16Add Multi-Frame Code to DCMWorkPDF
CP 664 Parts 3,16Clarification of Partial View Attributes, Views and View ModifiersStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 665 Parts 3Clarification of Spatial Locations PreservedStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 666 Parts 3,6Gated Cardiac and Respiratory synchronization in enhanced IODsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 667 Parts 3Slice orientation for cross-sectional IODsStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 668 Parts 3,17Use transverse not axial for cross-sectional imagesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 669 Parts 16Correct content item conditions in TID 5202Standard2006PDFDOC
CP 670 Parts 3Reference rendering of SRStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 671 Parts 3CID 230 Yes/No values wrongStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 672 Parts 16Add Purpose of Reference codes and definitionsStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 673 Parts 16Correct typos in Part 16Standard2006PDFDOC
CP 674 Parts 16Group arterial analysis reference points into ContainerStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 675 Parts 3Add the rest of the IOD definition of Real World MappingStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 676 Parts 3Reorganize and update Part 3 Section 2Standard2006PDFDOC
CP 677 Parts 4,17Delete references to retired servicesStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 678 Parts 3Clarify Private Code Scheme in Conformance StatementCancelledPDF
CP 679 Parts 16Corrections and Additions to CT/MR Cardiovascular SRStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 680 Parts 4Add Codes for Import WorkflowStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 681 Parts 3,4,16Convey worklist details into created IODs and MPPSsStandard2006PDFDOC
CP 682 Parts 3Align description annotation attribute enhanced XA/XRFStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 683 Parts 3Dimension Label incorrect place in Table C.7.6.17-1Standard2007PDFDOC
CP 684 Parts 3,4Archive flag for MPPSStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 685 Parts 3Consistent defined term for elliptical Coverage of k-SpaceStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 686 Parts 11Remove existing references to media interchange optionStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 687 Parts 16Dose Reporting for MammographyStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 688 Parts 3,4Specify Sequence contents for DICOMDIR recordsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 689 Parts 16Additional terms for CID 4033Standard2007PDFDOC
CP 690 Parts 3Define number of items in Metabolite Map Code SequenceStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 691 Parts 7Clarify Additional Command ElementsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 692 Parts 3Add Pixel Padding Value Range Limit attributeStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 693 Parts 3Border Density correctionStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 694 Parts 17Wrong references in PS 3.17 Annex JStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 695 Parts 3Respiratory Interval Time Type is wrongStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 696 Parts 4Undefined Query keys on Study Level C-FIND/C-GETStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 697 Parts 3Frame Increment Pointer for single-frame imagesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 698 Parts 6Image Type VM should be two or moreStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 699 Parts 3,6PS2 compression data elements reused for calibrationStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 700 Parts 3Rename SOP Instance Reference Macros that have different contentStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 701 Parts 3Person Identification macro conditionsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 702 Parts 3Author Observer Sequence multiplicityStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 703 Parts 3Include Series Description, Date, Time in SR IODsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 704 Parts 3Use Request Attributes macro and add Performed Procedure Step Summary macroStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 705 Parts 3,4ICC profiles for Basic Color PrintStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 706 Parts 3Specify number of sequence items when missingStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 707 Parts 5Retire group lengthsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 708 Parts 2Remove Patient/Study Only from conformance exampleStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 709 Parts 3,16Acquisition Context for Digital X-RayStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 710 Parts 3Make Specimen Identification conditional for microscopyStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 711 Parts 3Editorial change for figure in C.7.2.1Standard2007PDFDOC
CP 712 Parts 16Update reference for CID 3717Standard2007PDFDOC
CP 713 Parts 3,16Add Bone Densitometry Modality codeStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 714 Parts 5Clarify DT value representationStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 715 Parts 3,4,6Add Service Episode IDStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 716 Parts 3Stereometric Relationship Series Information MissingStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 717 Parts 3RT Clarification of Compensator Rows and ColumnsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 718 Parts 3Correction of description of tag (300A,00F7) in RT ION Beam moduleStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 719 Parts 3Leaf Jaw PositionsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 720 Parts 3RT Typo in Tag for Compensator TypeStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 721 Parts 3,6Addition of General Accessory Sequence to RT PlanStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 722 Parts 3,16Add cross-reference between Body Part Examined and Anatomic RegionStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 723 Parts 3Internationalize special needs descriptionStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 724 Parts 16Add Terms to Calculated Value and Methods CIDsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 725 Parts 3Add Real World Values for NM IODStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 726 Parts 5Leading spaces in PN VR componentsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 727 Parts 3,6Correct duplicate responsible organization definitionStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 728 Parts 16Add cardiology report titles to CID 7000Standard2007PDFDOC
CP 729 Parts 16Change SCP-ECG nomenclature to ISO/IEEE 11073 or SNOMEDStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 730 Parts 3,16Clarify SNOMED coding scheme designatorsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 731 Parts 3Clarify use of MPPS Referenced Image SequenceStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 732 Parts 10Clarify allowed use of file linksStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 733 Parts 16Modify Hemodynamic Measurement Group templateStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 734 Parts 3Additional Treatment PositionsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 735 Parts 3Pixel Spacing Calibration Description Incorrect TagCancelled
See CP 699
CP 736 Parts 16TID 4023, CID 6048 updatesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 737 Parts 3Revise EPS sampling parametersStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 738 Parts 16Add Context Group for type of multiframe subsetStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 739 Parts 3,16Add View Code Sequence to CT, MR, SC for Cardiac ViewsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 740 Parts 3Evidence sequence references in SR and KOS includes presentation statesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 741 Parts 3Correct Table F.4-1 referencesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 742 Parts 3Clarification of Slice Location attributesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 743 Parts 3Correct diffusion b value unitsCancelledPDF
CP 744 Parts 3Add diffusion b matrixStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 745 Parts 5,10Transfer Syntax UID not allowed outside file meta informationStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 746 Parts 3Conditions under which Pixel Spacing may be zeroStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 747 Parts 3,6Add clinical trial series identifier and descriptionStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 748 Parts 3,4,6Rename Image Position to Image Box PositionStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 749 Parts 3Modality for reports, requests and other documentsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 750 Parts 3,16Add requesting service codeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 751 Parts 16Add coding scheme designator for RadLexStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 752 Parts 16Update reference to HL7 OID registry for coding schemesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 753 Parts 3Correct Concatenation UID element numberStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 754 Parts 3Add Display Shutter Module to CR IODStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 755 Parts 3Correct Patient ID tagStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 756 Parts 16Add general area and volume calculation methods to SR templatesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 757 Parts 3,6,16Add RTSS and Segmentation ROI Feature UIDCancelled
See CP 1496
CP 758 Parts 5Clarify encoding rules for Private SequencesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 759 Parts 16Update Cardiovascular Patient HistoryStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 760 Parts 2Add User Friendly Definitions to Example Conformance StatementsCancelled
See CP 658
CP 761 Parts 3Clarify Pixel Spacing attribute condition within Basic Pixel Spacing Calibration MacroStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 762 Parts 3,6Add Waveform Presentation attributesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 763 Parts 3,6CT Calibration Factors for the Mass Score of the Calcium scoring evaluationStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 764 Parts 3CT Phantom for CTDI Dose MeasurementStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 765 Parts 3,6CT system with multiple X-Ray sourcesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 766 Parts 3CT IsocenterStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 767 Parts 16Add Calculated Value, Laterality to TID 4002Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 768 Parts 16More Vascular Ultrasound Report TermsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 769 Parts 5MONOCHROME2 missing in part of MPEG2 definitionStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 770 Parts 3Remove redundant sequence attribute condition exampleStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 771 Parts 3Clarify rendering of window values present in imagesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 772 Parts 3Archive flag for GP-PPSStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 773 Parts 3C-arm Positioner Tabletop Relationship Enumerated ValuesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 774 Parts 3Correct Presentation State frame reference conditionStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 775 Parts 3Clarify Pixel Padding Value and Range Limit ConditionsStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 776 Parts 3Remove redundant conditions within sequencesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 777 Parts 3Specify which attributes with unsatisfied conditions may be present otherwiseStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 778 Parts 3Correct conditions on Pixel Aspect RatioStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 779 Parts 3Correct conditions on Dimension Organization UIDStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 780 Parts 3Correct conditions in Palette Color Lookup Table ModuleStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 781 Parts 3, 6CT Exposure Time for Spiral ScanStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 782 Parts 16Add Device as Observation SubjectStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 783 Parts 3Typos and Clarifications in Digital SignatureStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 784 Parts 2,3,4,6Change Contrast Allergies to simply AllergiesStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 785 Parts 3Make Modality and VOI LUTs Conditional in BSPSStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 786 Parts 16Typo in TID 5014Standard2007PDFDOC
CP 787 Parts 16Add Procedure Phase to Arterial AnalysisStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 788 Parts 3Wrong reference in PS3.3 section C9.3.1.1Standard2007PDFDOC
CP 789 Parts 5,6Inapplicable VR referenced for LUT DataCancelledPDF
CP 790 Parts 3Unscheduled Reason for Requested Procedure for MammographyStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 791 Parts 3RT Block/Compensator Transmission and ThicknessStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 792 Parts 3RT Brachy Source Direction VectorStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 793 Parts 3RT Compensator DescriptionStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 794 Parts 3Clarification of Ion Control Point SequenceStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 795 Parts 3RT Leaf Position NoteStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 796 Parts 3RT ROI Materials DescriptionStandard2007PDFDOC
CP 797 Parts 3,6,16Measurement References to SegmentsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 798 Parts 16Typo in CID 3472Standard2007PDFDOC
CP 799 Parts 5Means of Conveying the Patient ID Identifier Code ValueCancelled
See CP 800
CP 800 Parts 3,6Add Issuer of Accession NumberStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 801 Parts 8Clarify Ordering of Presentation Contexts in Acceptance PDUsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 802 Parts 3Incorporate fixes from comments on 702 and 706WorkPDF
CP 803 Parts 16Share spatial coordinates among measurementsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 804 Parts 3Indicator for Cone Beam CTCancelledPDFDOC
CP 805 Parts 3Primary Fluence ModeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 806 Parts 3RT ROI Derivation SequenceStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 807 Parts 3Add Mask Visibility Percentage attributeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 808 Parts 3Change Type Acquisition Duration for Enhanced CTStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 809 Parts 3Preserve SOP Instance UID when concatenation is usedStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 810 Parts 3Forbid use of the same value more than once in Specific Character SetStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 811 Parts 7Note for forwarders regarding SCP assigned instance UIDs and N-CREATEWorkPDF
CP 812 Parts 3Clarification that Pixel Padding Value is the raw value before and transformationsStandard2015bPDFXML
CP 813 Parts 6Fix illegal VM specifications for certain tags with text VRsCancelledPDF
CP 814 Parts 16Add UID for RFC 3066CancelledPDF
CP 815 Parts 16LV Measurements in RV Context GroupStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 816 Parts 16Informative mapping SNOMED to LOINC for Cardiac OutputStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 817 Parts 1Ultrasound Protocol CodesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 818 Parts 16Correction for TID 10002Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 819 Parts 3Frame Type attribute missing in Enhanced XA/XRFStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 820 Parts 3Inconsistency in Segmentation Image ModuleStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 821 Parts 3Presentation State Graphic Bounding Box condition incompleteStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 822 Parts 3Clarify the usage of the Real-World Value description attributesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 823 Parts 3Pseudo Color and Blending SPPS forbid wrong Presentation LUTStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 824 Parts 4Clarify that only a single value for Patient ID is valid for C-MOVE and C-GETStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 825 Parts 3,6,16Mixed breed descriptionStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 826 Parts 3,16Extend responsible person rolesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 827 Parts 4Level 2 Storage SCP may discard empty Type 3 attributesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 828 Parts 4Meta header attributes illegal in query identifier and responseStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 829 Parts 3Operator Name at RT Series LevelStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 830 Parts 16Ultrasound ModesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 831 Parts 16Pharmacologic Stress ProtocolsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 832 Parts 4Clarify MPPS List of ImagesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 833 Parts 16Transfer Syntax Availability and Selection for Q/RWorkPDF
CP 834 Parts 4Coercion of UIDs breaks referencesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 835 Parts 6Clarify VM of Transducer DataStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 836 Parts 4Clarify Usage of Attributes for Normalized IODsWorkPDF
CP 837 Parts 3,6,16Add Filter AttributesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 838 Parts 4,7Consistent Naming of Error Code TablesWorkPDF
CP 839 Parts 3Clarification of the spectroscopy data for the time domain and frequency domainStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 840 Parts 3Corrections package for X-Ray 3DStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 841 Parts 3Table title Contrast/Bolus Usage Macro not correctStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 842 Parts 12Update Universal Type Identifier for DICOM filesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 843 Parts 3Add clarification of Software VersionsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 844 Parts 16Replace filter material DCM codes with SNOMED codesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 845 Parts 3,6UIDs for Context GroupsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 846 Parts 17Update Staged Protocol Informative AnnexStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 847 Parts 3,16Retire modality codes for special techniquesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 848 Parts 3Remove note referencing retired attributeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 849 Parts 3Clarify Observation ContextStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 850 Parts 6,7Add keywords to data dictionaryStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 851 Parts 16,7CT SR dose, extend for scan projection radiography (SPR)Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 852 Parts 3Move some X-Ray Field Of View attributesCancelledPDF
CP 853 Parts 3Reconstruction Index condition missingStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 854 Parts 16Change CID 3101 nameStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 855 Parts 3Change description Corrected Image attributeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 856 Parts 3Missing General Series Module for Deformable Spatial Registration IODStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 857 Parts 16Template format corrections to TID 40xxStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 858 Parts 5Clarify numeric string enumerated values and defined termsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 859 Parts 3Clarify multiple display shutter appearanceStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 860 Parts 3,6Add Code Sequence for describing SeriesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 861 Parts 3Constrain Ophthalmic Tomography Image TypeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 862 Parts 3Ophthalmic Frame Location Functional Group Macro is unusedStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 863 Parts 3Defined terms for Cardiac Framing Type in NMStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 864 Parts 3Number of items in hanging protocol definition sequence contentsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 865 Parts 3SOP Instance Reference macro in HL7 Structured Document Reference SequenceStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 866 Parts 3Force all directory records to be in use and in a consistent stateStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 867 Parts 3Add ICRP Pub 130 to CT Dose SRStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 868 Parts 3Inconsistent attribute type and description in Multi-frame Overlay Module and NM/PET Patient Orientation ModuleStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 869 Parts 7Typo in description of Move DestinationStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 870 Parts 3,6,17Add Hanging Protocol Information Model – GET SOP ClassStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 871 Parts 4Fix status code in section 5.4Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 872 Parts 16Update Cardiovascular Patient HistoryStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 873 Parts 16Update Context Group for Acquisition ModalitiesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 874 Parts 3,16Fixes for Radiation Dose ReportingStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 875 Parts 16Update Mammography CID 4014 and CID 4015Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 876 Parts 16CT Radiation Dose move/add Aluminum equivalentStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 877 Parts 3CT Exposure Time for Spiral ScanStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 878 Parts 3Various corrections and additions to X-Ray 3D IODStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 879 Parts 3Reference Image Sequence restrictions on XA SOP ClassStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 880 Parts 16Add breast composition to Dose SRStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 881 Parts 3,4,6Add Reason For Performed Procedure Code SequenceStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 882 Parts 3,10Unknown VR forbidden in meta information headerStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 883 Parts 3Clarify description of image and instance reference sequencesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 884 Parts 15DNS self-discovery for secure DICOM servicesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 885 Parts 16Add a Document Title Code for Rejected for Patient Safety ReasonsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 886 Parts 16Add codes describing procedure type and indication for Mammography schedulingStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 887 Parts 3Code Scheme Version ConditionalityStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 888 Parts 3Allow non-HU pixels for CT derived imagesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 889 Parts 3,16Stereotactic Information for MammographyStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 890 Parts 3Cardiac Trigger Before R PeakStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 891 Parts 3Dimension Module in Enhanced XA/XRF MandatoryCancelledPDFDOC
CP 892 Parts 3,16Add De-identifying Equipment to Contributing Equipment SequenceStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 893 Parts 5An empty value is not a valid defined termStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 894 Parts 3Allow Patient Orientation for cross-sectional imagesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 895 Parts 15Password based encryption for media securityStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 896 Parts 2,3,4,5,6,11Eliminate 16 bit row and column image size restrictionsCancelledPDF
CP 897 Parts 16Context group included twiceStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 898 Parts 3Add Operators Name to Contributing Equipment SequenceStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 899 Parts 4Matching of multi-component namesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 900 Parts 5Multiple fragments per encapsulated frameStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 901 Parts 16Clarify slit lamp biomicroscope device codeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 902 Parts 3Clarify dose SR relationships as by value onlyStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 903 Parts 3Restrict all contains relationships to be by valueStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 904 Parts 16Correct Mammo Terms to Use Marker Rather than ClipStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 905 Parts 12Add FAT32 Format Support for USB MediaStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 906 Parts 16Clarify use of Summary as a report headingCancelledPDF
CP 907 Parts 7Correction of item-type value in Figure D.3-8Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 908 Parts 4Rules for C-MOVE, C-GET response status values contradict status tableStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 909 Parts 2Conformance Template does not specify where WADO conformance is describedStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 910 Parts 16Add Tracking Identifier to TID 4004 and TID 4006Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 911 Parts 3Add condition to DX Patient Orientation for SpecimensStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 912 Parts 16Allow Specific Characterset in C-MOVE/C-GET requestStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 913 Parts 16Cardiac Stress State CodeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 914 Parts 3Frame of Reference Module in RT Ion PlanStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 915 Parts 3Generalize Beam Delivery Request Object for RT Ion PlansStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 916 Parts 3Primary Fluence Mode CorrectionsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 917 Parts 3Table Parameters in Delivery Request IODStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 918 Parts 16Add missing veterinary breedsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 919 Parts 3Add orientation for quadrupedsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 920 Parts 3Clarify CT or MR condition for Patient PositionStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 921 Parts 3,4Pixel Padding Value shall only be present for imagesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 922 Parts 3,16Add anatomy, view codes and acquisition context for veterinary useStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 923 Parts 6,16Instance Availability Status CodesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 924 Parts 3Segmentation Objects in Blending Presentation StateStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 925 Parts 3,16Addition of Ophthalmology Modality codeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 926 Parts 3Common Instance Reference ModuleStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 927 Parts 3,6Change Applicable Frame Range attribute nameCancelledPDFDOC
CP 928 Parts 16Correct Units in TID 3560Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 929 Parts 3Common Instance Reference ModuleCancelledPDFDOC
CP 930 Parts 7SOP class related Sub Items should be limited to one for each SOP class UID present in an A-ASSOCIATE requestStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 931 Parts 3Verification, completion, preliminary, final and amended SR statusStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 932 Parts 3,16Patient Dismissed from LabStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 933 Parts 5Typo in description of TM DefinitionStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 934 Parts 3Fix Inconsistency of C-FIND only Number of Patient Related XXX attributesStandard2015bPDFXML
CP 935 Parts 3Beam Dose DepthStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 936 Parts 6General Accessory Data TypesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 937 Parts 3General Accessory in RT ImageStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 938 Parts 3Multiple RT Plan References in RT DoseStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 939 Parts 3Setup Device Accessory CodeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 940 Parts 4,7Typo in description of Move DestinationStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 941 Parts 3More clarification of instance referencesWorkPDF
CP 942 Parts 3,6Consent for distribution and ethics committee approvalStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 943 Parts 3,6Retain raw data flagStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 944 Parts 16Extend procedure intent context groupCancelledPDFDOC
CP 945 Parts 6,16Break Out PPS Discontinue SubsetsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 946 Parts 5Rollback of support for leap secondsCancelledPDF
CP 947 Parts 5DICOM Standard should explicitly define calendar systemStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 948 Parts 4C-Move new association obligationStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 949 Parts 4Basic Worklist Management Service Extended NegotiationStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 950 Parts 5,6Inapplicable VR referenced for LUT DataStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 951 Parts 3,6CT pixel weighing factor for dual energy image compositionStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 952 Parts 3,6Correct Filter Type Value MultiplicityStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 953 Parts 3Add Image and Composite to Acquisition ContextStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 954 Parts 3Wrong Number for Macro TabletStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 955 Parts 4Reference to Study Management Service Class sectionStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 956 Parts 3Pixel Spacing may not be negativeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 957 Parts 16CT SR dose, extension for Exposure Modulation TypeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 958 Parts 3,6Add Retrieve Location UID Attribute to Hierarchical Series Reference MacroStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 959 Parts 3,6Correct name of Number of Points in SurfaceStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 960 Parts 3Dose Grid Scaling Attribute TypeStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 961 Parts 3,6Correct tags in Sup 74CancelledPDF
CP 962 Parts 3,6Correct instance macro in Sup 74CancelledPDF
CP 963 Parts 16Add DateTime Started to Dose SR Irradiation Event Template (TID 10003)Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 964 Parts 5Correct alphabetic name encoding for UnicodeStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 965 Parts 5Clarify Unicode/GB18030 initial designation in PS3.5Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 966 Parts 5Specify other Asian name encodingStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 967 Parts 16Correct CID 3232Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 968 Parts 12Clarify ISO 9660 file namesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 969 Parts 16Correct Surface Processing Algorithm Family codesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 970 Parts 3Improving Compatibility Between Segmentation And Surface SegmentationStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 971 Parts 3Add Image Comments to Ophthalmic Tomography Image ModuleStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 972 Parts 3Permit changes of FoV per frame for Enhanced XA/XRFStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 973 Parts 16Correct SNOMED code for orbital regionStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 974 Parts 3,6,16UIDs as codes and standard codes for organizationsStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 975 Parts 3Remove unused four samples per pixelStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 976 Parts 3Correct Sup 122 Template referencesStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 977 Parts 15Add new attributes to confidentiality profileCancelled
See Supp 142
CP 978 Parts 16Correct CID 6138Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 979 Parts 3Add directory record for surface segmentationStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 980 Parts 3Add content date and time for surface segmentationStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 981 Parts 3ASL Arterial Spin Labeling attributes for Enhanced MR ImagesStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 982 Parts 16Add Equivalent Concept Name to TID 5203Standard2008PDFDOC
CP 983 Parts 3Add definition to attribute Pupil DilatedStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 984 Parts 3Diffusion changes and additional Defined Term for Enhanced MR and Diffusion Gradient Direction sequence correctionStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 985 Parts 3Reference to Number of Frames FixStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 986 Parts 3Cleanup section locations Enhanced MR ImageStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 987 Parts 3Move Related Series Sequence to image levelCancelledPDFDOC
CP 988 Parts 3,6Velocity Encoding directions for Enhanced MRStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 989 Parts 3Clarify Breast Implant Present descriptionStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 990 Parts 16,17Clarify Individual Impression/Recommendation in TID 4001 and Annex EStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 991 Parts 4Clarify Handling of Private Data in the Retrieve Without Bulk Data ServiceStandard2018dPDFDOC
CP 992 Parts 7,8Clarify allowable length values for certain PDUsWorkPDFDOC
CP 993 Parts 4Specific Character Set in PPS N-SETStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 994 Parts 3Clarify Per-Frame Functional GroupsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 995 Parts 5,7,8ISO 9834 referencesStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 996 Parts 16Wrong Relations in TID 3250Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 997 Parts 16Add Image Purpose of Reference - ROIStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 998 Parts 16Clarify LOINC 18043-0 has method USStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 999 Parts 3Add Angle of View and Acquisition Context Module to Ophthalmic Photography IODsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1000 Parts 3Add new filter attributes to breast tomosynthesisStandard2008PDFDOC
CP 1001 Parts 16Addition of Pupillographer deviceStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1002 Parts 16Incorrect references in TID 3215 and TID 3218Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1003 Parts 16Inconsistencies examples Supp 122Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1004 Parts 16Use general radiologic findings in CID 6133Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1005 Parts 3,6Make keywords valid Java/C identifiersWorkPDF
CP 1006 Parts 7Add keywords to command dictionaryWorkPDF
CP 1007 Parts 3Beam Record TypeStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1008 Parts 3Image Orientation in Coordinate Calculation on deformable registrationsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1009 Parts 3Multiple RT Plans in RT Plan RelationshipStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1010 Parts 3,6RT Applicator EnhancementsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1011 Parts 3RT Beams Recording ClarificationsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1012 Parts 3Exposure Tag Availability for PORTAL image typeStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1013 Parts 3RT Ion Beams Recording ClarificationsStandard2016bPDFDOC
CP 1014 Parts 5Clarify Allowed Element ranges for Private AttributesStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1015 Parts 3Allow Positioner Motion to be present if not Multi-frame dataStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1016 Parts 16Correct attribute type in Device ModuleStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1017 Parts 3Add ICC module to all color image IODsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1018 Parts 16Sup 66 terms not in Part 16 Annex DStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1019 Parts 4,6Add Body Part at the Study LevelCancelledPDFDOC
CP 1020 Parts 2Fix arrow in Figure A.4.1-1Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1021 Parts 3Wrong tag in Ophthalmic Tomo Image ModuleStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1022 Parts 3Table references wrong in X-Ray 3D ModulesCancelled
See Supp 125
CP 1023 Parts 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10,11,12,14,15,16,17Replacement of the organization name for acronym JIRAStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1024 Parts 3,6Support IEC 62494 Exposure Index of Digital X-ray Imaging SystemsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1025 Parts 16Add Administration Route Code for Cath to CID11Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1026 Parts 16Duplicate term Equipment failureStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1027 Parts 4Timezone Attribute in QueryStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1028 Parts 16Add Body Surface Area Equation for AsiaStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1029 Parts 3,4Add Retrieve Location UID, Wado URL, Web Services End Point to Instance Availability notificationStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1030 PartsRefactor common attributes for enhanced imagesWorkPDF
CP 1031 Parts 3,5,6Support long code valuesStandard2014cPDFDOC
CP 1032 PartsFix Position angle sign inconsistency in MammographyStandard2014aPDFDOC
CP 1033 Parts 16Echo Procedure Protocol DescriptionStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1034 Parts 3Integrated RT Image ParametersStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1035 Parts 3RT Ion Beams Beam Limiting Device CorrectionStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1036 Parts 3,6Correct Image and Frame Type Enhanced XA/XRFStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1037 Parts 3,6Add type of SUV to PET IODStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1038 Parts 3,6Hanging protocol reference to color palette instancesStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1039 Parts 3,6Add Document Laterality to Encapsulated Document and Raw Data ModuleStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1040 Parts 3Mammo Figure and Table numbersStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1041 Parts 3Add Image Comments to Ophthalmology objectsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1042 Parts 3Add colors to Visual Acuity BackgroundStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1043 Parts 3Clarification on the multiplicity of Items - 2Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1044 Parts 3,6FOV clarifications for XA Derived imagesStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1045 Parts 3Correct reference to Imager Pixel Spacing in Enhanced XAStandardPDFDOC
CP 1046 Parts 3,6RT Beams Delivery Instruction Continuation MetersetsCancelledPDFDOC
CP 1047 Parts 16Dose Check support in DICOM CT Radiation Dose ReportStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1048 Parts 3Correct Overlay Activation Module Condition in Presentation StatesStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1049 Parts 3Typo correction following CP-750Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1050 Parts 3Wrong reference of Context Group Extension in PS 3.16Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1051 Parts 16Typo’s in various templatesStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1052 Parts 16Corrections for CID 21110Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1053 Parts 3Correction nesting level Mask Visibility PercentageStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1054 Parts 3Correct Figure C.7.6.16-2 in PS 3.3Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1055 Parts 3PS 3.3 Section C.11.15 is used twiceStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1056 Parts 3Series Description Code Sequence number of itemsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1057 Parts 6Correct retired ACR-NEMA Value RepresentationsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1058 Parts 3Make Patient Size and Weight relative to Study startStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1059 Parts 3,15Add SHA2 hash algorithms for digital signaturesStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1060 Parts 16Clarify UCUM does not require versionStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1061 Parts 16Clarify SNOMED retired codesStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1062 Parts 16Addition of more isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for NMStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1063 Parts 16Clean up radiation dose reportsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1064 Parts 3,6Float VR in numeric SR content itemsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1065 Parts 16Device information in radiation dose reportsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1066 Parts 5Encoding of Attributes with value length > 64kB with Explicit VRStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1067 Parts 3Fix Reference to Derived Image SectionStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1068 Parts 16Scan location in CT dose reportsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1069 Parts 16Inconsistent capitalization of X-Ray code meaning in radiation dose reportsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1070 Parts 16Additional sources of information in radiation dose reportsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1071 Parts 16Additions to various CIDs of Supplement 78Wait for CodesPDFDOC
CP 1072 Parts 3Correct description Contrast Agent Number in FGStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1073 Parts 3Disconnect Dimension Organization from Frame of ReferenceStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1074 Parts 16TID 4006 Clarify Image & Image Region referenceStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1075 Parts 16CT dose permissible for constant angle acquisitionsCancelledPDF
CP 1076 Parts 3,16Bad person participant relationship in TID 1020 in Dose SRStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1077 Parts 16Add CR report type to Dose SR and relax content conditionsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1078 Parts 3,6Add Document Class Code SequenceStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1079 Parts 16Update ECG Report TID 3700Standard2009PDFDOC
CP 1080 Parts 16Update CID 4204 to use SNOMEDStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1081 Parts 3Distance Source to Detector in NM TOMO modesStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1082 Parts 3Add term for IEEE 1588 Precision Time ProtocolStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1083 Parts 3Additional attributes for Key Object Selection DocumentCancelledPDFDOC
CP 1084 Parts 3Clarify Spatial Registration DescriptionStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1085 Parts 3Clarify CT Acquisition TypesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1086 Parts 12New DICOMDIR ZIP File ExtensionWorkPDF
CP 1087 Parts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18Update Foreword of all PartsStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1088 Parts 3,16Modality Code for Structured DisplayCancelledPDFDOC
CP 1089 Parts 5Clarify use of ESCStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1090 Parts 3,6Allow Image IODs to reference multiple Irradiation Event UIDsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1091 Parts 16Other language code meanings not translationsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1092 PartsClarify condition on Content date-timeStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1093 Parts 16Correct LOINC code typoStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1094 Parts 3Hanging protocol range selector cannot be date or timeStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1095 Parts 16Duplicate Exposure Time CodesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1096 Parts 16Correct breed codesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1097 Parts 16CID 3829, 3839, 3840 Structure of AnatomyStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1098 Parts 3Clarify behavior of HP Filter-by Operator if the selected attribute value is absentStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1099 Parts 3Allow SCOORD on WSI Total MatrixStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1100 Parts 16Add Pericardial Effusion to Echo SRStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1101 Parts 3Acquisition Duration units in Enhanced USStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1102 Parts 16,17Correct LOINC Code MeaningsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1103 Parts 3Pixel Intensity Relationship LUT Number of ItemsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1104 Parts 3,16Add Paddle Identification for MammographyStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1105 Parts 2,4Conformance Claim for SR-CDA TransformStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1106 Parts 16Assign a namespace for audit schema elementsWorkPDF
CP 1107 Parts 3No human readable label for irradiation events in CT Dose SRStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1108 Parts 6View Orientation Modifier Code Sequence Errata in Registry of DICOM data elementsWorkPDF
CP 1109 Parts 3Correct figure numbers in PS.3.3Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1110 Parts 5Encoding undefined length empty items and sequenceStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1111 Parts 3Correction Palette LUT Descriptor descriptionStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1112 Parts 16Add SR Structure for ROI MeasurementsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1113 Parts 16Correct Lead III CodeStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1114 Parts 16Correct UCUM multiplicationStandard2009PDFDOC
CP 1115 Parts 16Add Dose Reference Point codes for CR/DRWorkPDFDOC
CP 1116 Parts 3RT Image Higher Precision Current and TimeStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1117 Parts 17Transform Inversion CorrectionStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1118 Parts 3Recorded Brachy Applicator TermsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1119 Parts 3Registration Fiducials Reference MacroStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1120 Parts 3Source Distance in General AccessoriesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1121 Parts 3Dose Scope IndicatorStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1122 Parts 3Correct Attribute Tag for Reference Image SequenceStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1123 Parts 3,6,16Add attributes and codes for dose reports generated during QA scansStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1124 Parts 1Add standard for DICOM referenceStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1125 Parts 3Add Protocol Name to SR SeriesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1126 Parts 16Corrections LOINC codes Sup78WorkPDF
CP 1127 Parts 16Add fields for Organ Dose to Dose SRCancelledPDFDOC
CP 1128 Parts 3,5Enforce UT CR/LF Part 5 requirement in Part 3Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1129 Parts 5Correct Part 5 rule on Group 0004 in SequenceStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1130 Parts 11Clarify Referenced Image Sequence usage as Additional DICOMDIR keysStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1131 Parts 3Leaf Position Boundaries ClarificationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1132 Parts 3High Dose Technique Type ClarificationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1133 Parts 3RT ROI Identification Sequence Baseline CID ClarificationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1134 Parts 3Correction of RT Ion Plan Module TableStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1135 Parts 3Extensions of Pitch and Roll Attribute DescriptionStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1136 Parts 3Correct Channel Time Tag numberStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1137 Parts 3Structure Set Relationship SequenceStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1138 Parts 3Average Beam Dose ParameterStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1139 Parts 16Part 16 VM 2-nStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1140 Parts 16Part 16 consistency clean-up Annex AStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1141 Parts 16Part 16 consistency clean-up Annex CStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1142 Parts 6,16Add context group for Cardiac Sync TechniqueStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1143 Parts 16Change NCDR nomenclature to SNOMEDStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1144 Parts 16Correct Wall Motion codes CID 3703Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1145 Parts 16Add Informative SNOMED Numeric IDsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1146 Parts 16Enhance Cardiovascular Procedure ListStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1147 Parts 3,6Observation UIDStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1148 Parts 6,16Add Pathology Protocol CodesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1149 Parts 3,6,16Add Staining Equipment and Protocol CodesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1150 Parts 3Inconsistent Raw Data reference in Enhanced PETStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1151 Parts 16Correct Condition for “Number of Pulses” in TID 10003Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1152 Parts 16Additional document titles for Key Object Selection DocumentStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1153 Parts 3Reference in SOP Common to Instances that have been replacedCancelledPDF
CP 1154 Parts 4Clarify usage of Referenced SOP Sequence in Storage CommitmentStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1155 Parts 3,5,6Alternative calendar systemsCancelledPDF
CP 1156 Parts 5UUID as UIDStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1157 Parts 3Correct RT Plan Module ConditionalityStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1158 Parts 3Clarify RT Structure Set ROI NumberStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1159 Parts 16Correct Part 16 CodesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1160 Parts 16Degree sign in UCUMStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1161 Parts 16Correct Plural Code MeaningsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1162 Parts 16Correct Gynecological HistoryStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1163 Parts 2Conformance for Application HostingWorkPDFDOCX
CP 1164 Parts 16Coronary Artery codesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1165 Parts 3,16Clarify Coding Scheme DesignatorStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1166 Parts 3Allow Frame of Reference in Segmentation even if derived image referencesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1167 Parts 16Coding scheme for UK NHS National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedures (NICIP)Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1168 Parts 16Device observer code meaning incorrectly capitalizedStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1169 Parts 3Breast Tomosynthesis is missing X-Ray Receptor Type so condition on Field of View Origin is incompleteStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1170 Parts 16Add AAPM 204 Size-Specific Dose Estimates to CT RDSRStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1171 Parts 4Do not include Encapsulated Document on Retrieve without Bulk DataStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1172 Parts 4Incompleteness of CP 1027Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1173 Parts 4Clarify basis for Total Fluoro Time and Total Acquisition Time in XA Dose ReportStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1174 Parts 3New PET Isotope and Radiopharm codes neededStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1175 Parts 3Structured Display needs creation date & time for instance and DICOMDIRStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1176 Parts 3Change CID of Anatomic Region Sequence for X-Ray 3D AngiographyStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1177 Parts 3Remove inaccurate series entity descriptionStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1178 Parts 16Additional Procedure Intents in CID 3629Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1179 Parts 3Correct RWV Map in NM IODStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1180 Parts 16Use LOINC Short Name; code meaning capitalization insignificantStandard2018aPDFDOC
CP 1181 Parts 16Correct LOINC codes for fetusesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1182 Parts 11Add SOP Classes to CT/MR Media ProfilesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1183 Parts 16Clarify meanings for UCUM codesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1184 Parts 3,6,16Retire CID 3082 Cardiology Units of MeasurementStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1185 Parts 16Correct vascular resistance unitsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1186 Parts 3Remove Concatenation requirement in agreement with Sup 43Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1187 Parts 3Wrong DICOM Tags are referenced in part 2 in HL7/Modality Worklist Attribute MappingStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1188 Parts 3Add Tray ID to CompensatorStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1189 Parts 3Add usage of Temporal Position Time Offset to Per Frame content Macro as needed for Enhanced MR and Enhanced CT objectsStandard2017dPDFDOC
CP 1190 Parts 3Add Purpose of Reference Code Sequence to Ophthalmic Frame Location MacroStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1191 Parts 3Correct tag mismatch between intravascular OCT image module and dictionaryStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1192 Parts 3Correct tag mismatch between RT Beams Delivery instruction module and dictionaryStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1193 Parts 3Remove obsolete reference in Pixel Presentation descriptionStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1194 Parts 16Clarify dose for breast X-RayStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1195 Parts 16Various correction to PS 3.16Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1196 Parts 16Add phantom-specific Total DLP Values to allow for Head and Body in same RDSR scope of accumulationStandard2022aPDFDOCX
CP 1197 Parts 16Unspecified code should be forbidden in extensible context groups for mandatory content itemsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1198 Parts 3,6Clarify encoding of Surface Segmentation Point IndicesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1199 Parts 3,5Add Modifier to Processing Parameters SequenceStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1200 Parts 3Add attributes to Surface Mesh ModuleStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1201 Parts 16Correct Calibration Factor CI Definition (TID 10002)Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1202 Parts 16Correct code for LiverStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1203 Parts 3,6PDR Pulse Details in RT Brachy Session RecordStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1204 Parts 3Identify specific Source used in RT PlanStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1205 Parts 3Device Parameters in CT ImagesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1206 Parts 3Dose Summation Type ClarificationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1207 Parts 3Change Multi-frame Dimension module usage to “User Option” for IVOCT IODCancelledPDF
CP 1208 Parts 5Clarify the unambigous use of Private Creator DataCancelledPDFDOC
CP 1209 Parts 2Incorrect use of private creator tag in PS 3.2 Annex BStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1210 Parts 3,16Add SUV Ideal Body WeightStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1211 Parts 3Inconsistent Mean Point Distance in Surface SegmentationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1212 Parts 16SR IOD with SCOORD3DCancelled
See Supp 162
CP 1213 Parts 3Clarify affine transformation matrix constraintsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1214 Parts 16Add Tracking Identifier Template to Measurement TemplatesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1215 Parts 4Require GSPS for Enhanced PET Storage for consistency with other enhanced imagesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1216 Parts 3Instance Creation Date and Time not changed on coercionStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1217 Parts 2,3,4,6Add Extensible SR SOP Class for new types of Content ItemCancelled
See Supp 186
CP 1218 Parts 16Correct further errors in UCUM codes and related meaningsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1219 Parts 3Clarify Completion Flag for Dose SR Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1220 Parts 16Editorial Corrections for PS3.16Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1221 Parts 6Add note on VR conflict in data dictionaryStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1222 PartsAmend DIMSE Service status codesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1223 Parts 2,3,16,17Additional Items for Dose SR (by IEC PT 61910-1)Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1224 Parts 3,4,6,16Add Expiration Date to UPSStandard2018aPDFDOC
CP 1225 PartsAdd Procedure Step Completion Codes to UPSWorkPDF
CP 1226 PartsAdd more specific post-processing codes to CID 9231WorkPDF
CP 1227 PartsFix Estimated Dose Saving attributeStandard2021aPDFDOC
CP 1228 Parts 3,4Correct inconsistency between Table C.30.3-1 and Table CC.2.5-3 of UPSWorkPDF
CP 1229 Parts 3,16Add glucose to PET acquisition contextStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1230 Parts 16Correct terms for fore and hind navicular boneStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1231 Parts 3Correct abbreviation for left in quadruped orientation exampleStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1232 Parts 16Add iterative reconstruction to CT RDSRStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1233 Parts 4Add Patient Size (Height) to Modality WorklistStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1234 Parts 3,5,18Add GBK and GB2312 Character Sets for Chinese Text EncodingStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1235 Parts 3Inconsistent units of Acquisition Duration (0018,9073)Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1236 Parts 3Directional flow velocity issues with Enhanced Ultrasound Volume IODStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1237 Parts 3Equally spaced Planes in Enhanced US VolumeStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1238 Parts 3Inappropriate for Mandatory Synchronization Module in Enhanced US VolumeCancelledPDFDOC
CP 1239 Parts 16Change Value Multiplicity of the Findings container for Pelvic Vascular StructureStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1240 PartsReplacement of the full organization name for acronym JIRAStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1241 Parts 4Restrict claming UPS Workitems assigned to another AEWorkPDF
CP 1242 Parts 3Clarify that Dimension Index Values start from 1Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1243 Parts 3Common Instance Reference Module in Image IODsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1244 Parts 16Additional Workitem Codes For QA ChecksStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1245 Parts 3Add Note about SOP Class UID at the Study levelStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1246 Parts 3,6Autosequencing Support in Beam Delivery InstructionStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1247 Parts 16Rename CID 21Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1248 Parts 3,6Indication For Deformed DoseStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1249 Parts 3,6Deprecation Of Multiple FORs In StructureSetStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1250 Parts 3Stereotactic Information for Breast X-RayStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1251 Parts 3Include Series Date, Time in RT IODsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1252 Parts 3Add Real World Value Mapping to General Image ModuleStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1253 Parts 3Clarify Recommended Viewing Mode UsageStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1254 Parts 16Correct Definition of Irradiation DurationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1255 Parts 3Incorrect Note Reference in Beams ModuleStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1256 Parts 3Add defined term for MPEG4Standard2011PDFDOC
CP 1257 Parts 6Row and Column offset tags swapped in Whole Slide ImagingStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1258 Parts 3,16Refactor segment description, extend segment types and anatomyStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1259 Parts 16Add Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) as Coding SchemeStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1260 Parts 3Frame Increment Pointer for Enhanced ImagesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1261 Parts 5Other Double 64 Bit Floating Point Value RepresentationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1262 Parts 5Distinguish JPEG Interchange Format from JPEG File Interchange FormatStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1263 Parts 3Relax rescale restrictions for Multi-frame Grayscale Word IOD to allow use as parametric mapsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1264 Parts 3Define exact windowing functioning for use with small rescaled pixel valuesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1265 Parts 3References to slices on which segmentation was performedStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1266 Parts 16Extend SR Image Library with cross-sectional content itemsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1267 Parts 5Video streams are independent and may not span instancesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1268 Parts 3,6,16Additional Registration Input InformationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1269 Parts 3,6Add Target Information for Mammography BiopsyStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1270 Parts Correct Reference in C-Find Protocol SpecificationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1271 Parts 7Corrections for IEEE NomenclatureStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1272 Parts 16DCID for Referenced FrameStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1273 Parts 3Navigation Sequence Item references one frameStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1274 Parts 3Type 1 SQ Empty Items in Functional GroupsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1275 Parts 19Correct PS3.19 exampleStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1276 Parts 3Correction of Description of Reference to Recorded Wedge NumberStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1277 Parts 3Correction of Intraoperative Applicator Type In Ion BeamStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1278 Parts 3Additional cardiac image types for enhanced CTStandard2014aPDFDOC
CP 1279 Parts 15Structural brain MR known safe private elementsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1280 Parts 15Breast tomo known safe private elementsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1281 Parts 16Correct wrong SNOMED View codesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1282 Parts 3,6Value Multiplicity of Positioner Increments in 3D X-Ray and Breast TomoStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1283 Parts 3Cleanup Lossy Image Compression descriptions and conditionsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1284 Parts 3Correct Typos in X-Ray 3D IODsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1285 Parts 3Add Irradiation Event UID to X-Ray 3D IODsStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1286 Parts 16Additional Report Section NamesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1287 Parts 3Add Structure Classification Code to RT Structure SetStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1288 Parts 3,4,6,16Add RT Quality Assurance Results IODCancelled
See Supp 185
CP 1289 Parts 3Note on transitivity of registrationsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1290 Parts 3Correct ROI Physical Property Value for Elemental CompositionStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1291 Parts 16Additional Derivation Codes For Dose CompositionStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1292 Parts 16Concept Code For Beam Delivery InstructionStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1293 Parts 3Remove Invocation Statement For Scheduled ParametersStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1294 Parts 3Add Water Reference and Echo Top Position to the Enhanced Spectroscopy objectStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1295 Parts 16De-identification method code meaning too longStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1296 Parts 3Correct incorrect Acquisition Start Time attribute name in NMStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1297 Parts 10Add Receiving AE Title to File Meta InformationStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1298 Parts 15Update description of Detector ID de-identificationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1299 Parts 3Add volume based calculation technique for tomosynthesisStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1300 Parts 3,15Include PPS End Date & Time in Composite IODs and de-identificationStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1301 Parts 3Clarify Distance Source to Patient in Mammo and CRStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1302 Parts 5Correct example of Chinese encodingStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1303 Parts 16Correct HAS CONCEPT MOD-NUM relationshipsStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1304 Parts 3,4,5,17Various corrections related to MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Transfer SyntaxStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1305 Parts 16Correct TID 10001 template structure figureStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1306 Parts 16Structural brain MR codesStandard2011PDFDOC
CP 1307 Parts 15MR rescaling known safe private elementsStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1308 Parts 16Correct code meaning of Density in Mammography CAD SRStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1309 Parts 3Correct references to other standardsStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1310 Parts 1Provide succinct definition of DICOMStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1311 Parts 3Describe matching of wildcard characters encoded in string VRsStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1312 Parts 16Add Report Titles to CID 7000Standard2013PDFDOC
CP 1313 Parts 3Wrong reference in KOS DocumentStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1314 Parts 3Add Category Code Sequence to RT Structure SetStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1315 Parts 3Common Instance Reference Module is mandatory in VL Whole Slide Microscopy IODStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1316 Parts 3Clarify exact windowing functionStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1317 Parts 16Refactor Accumulated Projection X-Ray Dose TemplatesStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1318 Parts 16RDSR From MPPS Without Exposure Dose Sequence for Projection RadiographyStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1319 Parts 3,6Frame Of Reference ReliabilityCancelledPDFDOCX
CP 1320 Parts 16Update to CID 3411 Intracoronary DevicesCancelledPDFDOC
CP 1321 Parts 3,6Add Telecom AddressesStandard2015bPDFDOCX
CP 1322 Parts 3,6Add Consulting PhysicianStandard2015bPDFDOCX
CP 1323 Parts 15Clarify Audit Code MeaningsStandard2017aPDFDOC
CP 1324 Parts 3,5,6,18,19Add a new Value Representation for URI/URLsStandard2014aPDFDOCX
CP 1325 Parts 3,6Add Contrast Relaxivity (MR) information to Enhanced Contrast/Bolus moduleStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1326 Parts 3,6Volume to Transducer Mapping transformation may not be constantStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1327 Parts 3Correct Type of Wedge Position SequenceStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1328 Parts 3Range of Angular Values using IEC Geometry DefinitionsStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1329 Parts 3Add Indication For Dose Of DeliveryStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1330 Parts 3RT Image Attribute CompletionStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1331 Parts 3Treatment Time in RT PlanStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1332 Parts 3Standardization of DIXON Image and Frame TypesStandard2013PDFDOCX
CP 1333 Parts 4CFind Extended Negotiation add Timezone Query AdjustmentCancelledPDF
CP 1334 Parts 4Clarify worklist extended negotiation after Sup 157Standard2013PDFDOC
CP 1335 Parts 3Clarify SR Frame of Reference for SCOORD3D and TCOORD IODsStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1336 Parts 16Use LOINC code for Key Image in TemplateStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1337 Parts 3Add Isocenter Position to MR/PET/Enhanced CT/MR/PET and RT Equipment Correlation to Enhanced CTStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1338 Parts 16Move Body Substance from Type to Category for SegmentationStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1339 Parts 15Add various new dates, times, serial numbers and UIDs for de-identificationStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1340 Parts 16Add For Litigation KOS ReasonStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1341 Parts 16Add Series Purposes of ReferenceStandard2013PDFDOCX
CP 1342 Parts 3Extend Image Type for Breast X-Ray Image IODsStandard2014aPDFDOC
CP 1343 Parts 3,4,6,15Add Patient Photo to Patient Identification ModulesStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1344 Parts 4Clarify Type Requirements In Unified WorklistStandard2013PDFDOC
CP 1345 Parts 3,4,6Add Related UPS SequenceWorkPDFDOC
CP 1346 Parts 3Add Table Information to X-Ray 3D IODsStandard2013PDFDOCX
CP 1347 Parts 3,6Add a new attribute to describe the direction of a scan relative to the patientStandard2013PDFDOCX
CP 1348 Parts 17Correct Reference in Retrieval Of Entire Composite InstancesCancelledPDFDOCX
CP 1349 Parts 17Link from still picture to videoBallotPDFDOCX
CP 1350 Parts 3,4Add WADO-RS as a retrieval mechanism for referenced InstancesStandard2014bPDFDOCX
CP 1351 Parts 18Add JSON support to WADO-RS RetrieveMetadata and STOW-RS servicesStandard2013PDFDOCX
CP 1352 Parts 18Add Series- and Instance-level metadata retrieval to WADO-RSCancelled
See CP 1350
CP 1353 Parts 15Secure Transport Connection Profile should allow higher TLS versionsCancelledPDFDOC
CP 1354 Parts 3Move requirement use isocenter 3D-XrayStandard2014aPDFDOCX
CP 1355 Parts 16Make X-Ray RDSR event level device conditionalStandard2014aPDFDOC
CP 1356 Parts 3Add Content Qualification to all composite IODsStandard2014aPDFDOC
CP 1357 Parts 5Allow Unicode Katakana in alphabetic name group Standard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1358 Parts 3,6Correct tag mismatch between Implant Template Group Module and dictionaryWorkPDF
CP 1359 Parts 3Clarify restrictions on icon images inside image IODsStandard2014aPDFDOCX
CP 1360 Parts 3Add Performed Procedure Step Comment to Module DefinitionStandard2014aPDFDOC
CP 1361 Parts 15Correct ParticipantObjectDescription in DICOM audit messageStandard2016bPDFDOC
CP 1362 Parts 15Correct AuditSourceIdentification in DICOM audit messageStandard2016bPDFDOC
CP 1363 Parts 2,17,18Add SearchForPatient service to QIDO-RSCancelledPDFDOCX
CP 1364 Parts 18Minor corrections to WADO-RS and STOW-RSStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1365 Parts 3,6Support of more than 16 bit in point index listsStandard2014aPDFDOC
CP 1366 Parts 16Correction of Relationships in Planar and Volumetric ROI TemplatesStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1367 Parts 16Correct errors in Colon CAD SR IOD Template FiguresStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1368 Parts 5Space should be listed in DS and IS VR character repertoireStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1369 Parts 16Relax device identifier constraint in x-ray irradiation event per CP 1065 undone by CP 1077Standard2014bPDFXML
CP 1370 Parts 2Conformance Statement Example is Missing Private Creator ValueStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1371 Parts 5Length of TM permitted is too longStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1372 Parts 16Add NCI Thesaurus as Coding SchemeStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1373 Parts 16Add Alzheimers Disease PET RadiotracersStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1374 Parts 16Add Zr 89 Monoclonal Antibody PET RadiotracersStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1375 Parts 16Add Various PET Radionuclides and RadiotracersStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1376 Parts 16Add Individual Long Bone Concepts to Anatomic Region and Body Part ExaminedStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1377 Parts 16Use SNOMED Code for RadiopharmaceuticalStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1378 Parts 6,16Add Anatomic Codes for Fetal Biometry and Pelvic UltrasoundStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1379 Parts 16Add Definitions for all DCM Controlled Terms or Replace with Terms from External LexiconStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1380 Parts 16Add Various NM RadionuclidesStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1381 Parts 3Add term Flat Filter for Filter Types used in Projection X-RayStandard2014bPDFDOCX
CP 1382 Parts 3Correct element number in reference to SOP Instance UIDCancelledPDFDOCX
CP 1383 Parts 3Add external resource URI to MWLStandard2014bPDFDOCX
CP 1384 Parts 16Update values in CID 3722Standard2014bPDFDOCX
CP 1385 Parts 3Add Measurement Laterality to General Ophthalmic Refractive Measurements ModuleStandard2014bPDFDOC
CP 1386 Parts 16,17Addition of Measurement Report Root Template for Planar and Volumetric ROIsStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1387 Parts 3,6,16Addition of Quantity Descriptors to Real World Value MapsStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1388 Parts 16Add Real World Value Map Reference to MeasurementsStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1389 Parts 16,17Factor Common Descriptions Out of Image Library EntriesStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1390 Parts 16Generalize Concepts in Abstract Multi-dimensional Image Model Component SemanticsStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1391 Parts 16Addition of Quantity Descriptors for Perfusion and Tracer Kinetic ModellingStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1392 Parts 16Addition of Quantity Descriptors and Measurements for PETStandard2014bPDFXML
CP 1393 Parts 3Correct Tag Numbers For BLD Adjusted PositionsStandard2014bPDFDOC
CP 1394 Parts 3,6Add Radioactive Source Model ID to RT Brachy Application Setups ModuleStandard2014bPDFDOC
CP 1395 Parts 3Extend RT Structure Set ROI ColorStandard2014bPDFDOC
CP 1396 Parts 3Clarify Dose Value units for DVH in RT DoseStandard2014bPDFDOC
CP 1397 Parts 3Multiplicity Structure Classification CodeStandard2014bPDFDOC
CP 1398 Parts 3Add FOR Module to RTSS IODStandard2014bPDFDOC
CP 1399 Parts 3,6Add Effective Wedge AngleStandard2014bPDFDOC
CP 1400 Parts 18Assign WADO-WS namespace and schemaStandard2014bPDFDOCX
CP 1401 Parts 3Clarify meaning of PARTIAL in X-Ray RDSRStandard2014bPDFDOCX
CP 1402 Parts 3Add UI Value Representation to Hanging Protocol Selector attributesStandard2015bPDFDOCX
CP 1403 Parts 3,7Clarify use of DIMSE service Status codesStandard2017dPDFDOCX
CP 1404 Parts 16Correct Condition on Exposure in Projection X-Ray RDSRStandard2014cPDFXML
CP 1405 Parts 16Replace BI-RADs codes that have SNOMED equivalentsStandard2014cPDFXML
CP 1406 Parts 16Add codes for tumor sitesStandard2014cPDFXML
CP 1407 Parts 16Add diffusion tractography related sitesStandard2014cPDFXML
CP 1408 Parts 16Add NeuroNames as Coding SchemeStandard2014cPDFXML
CP 1409 Parts 2Add Conformance Storage Media CategoriesStandard2014cPDFXML
CP 1410 Parts 3Clarify Lossy Image Compression RatioStandard2014cPDFXML
CP 1411 Parts 2,5,15Add attributes describing safe or unsafe private elementsStandard2015bPDFXML
CP 1412 Parts 16LOINC code updates in SR templates and context groupsStandard2014cPDFXML
CP 1413 Parts 16,20Add LOINC and UCUM license termsStandard2015bPDFDOCX
CP 1414 Parts 1Update PS3.1 definitionsWorkPDFDOCX
CP 1415 Parts 1Update PS3.1 front matterStandard2016aPDFDOCX
CP 1416 Parts 16Update to use SNOMED codesStandard2015bPDFDOCX
CP 1417 Parts 3,6Clarify use and declaration of private mapping resourceStandard2014cPDFDOCX
CP 1418 Parts 3,6Add UDI (Universal Device ID) to objectsStandard2016cPDFDOC
CP 1419 Parts 4Correct Sequence Level of Procedure Step Cancellation DateTimeStandard2014cPDFDOC
CP 1420 Parts 3,6Support for Multi Slab Block in Ion PlanStandard2015aPDFDOC
CP 1421 Parts 3Support for Mean Excitation Energy In Structure Physical PropertiesStandard2015aPDFDOC
CP 1422 Parts 3Correct High Bit value description in various IODsStandard2014cPDFXML
CP 1423 Parts 12Extending RFC 3240 with DICOM-Mime header fieldsWorkPDFDOCX
CP 1424 Parts 3Add Series entity present in Real-World Model but missing in Information Model figureStandard2015aPDFXML
CP 1425 Parts 5Tab character should be permitted be in text VRs (ST, LT, UT)Standard2015aPDFXML
CP 1426 Parts 3Correct condition in Pixel Measures, Plane Position and Orientation Functional Groups for SegmentationStandard2015aPDFXML
CP 1427 Parts 3Make Defined Term for 3D Dimension Organization Type used for US Volume mean equally spaced as well as parallel slices, and add Spacing Between SlicesStandard2015aPDFXML
CP 1428 Parts 3Use Pixel Measures in Enhanced US VolumeStandard2015aPDFXML
CP 1429 Parts 3Tiled Image Box in Structured DisplayStandard2015aPDFDOCX
CP 1430 Parts 3,6,16Add Motion Mode Definition ModuleStandard2015aPDFDOC
CP 1431 Parts 3,6Add Beam Effective Dose in RT Fraction Scheme ModuleStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1432 Parts 3Add Support for Ion Therapy Scanning ModesStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1433 Parts 16RT-specific KOS CIDsStandard2016cPDFDOC
CP 1434 Parts 2Additional SSD InformationStandard2015aPDFDOC
CP 1435 Parts 19Correct errors in State Diagram of Hosted ApplicationsStandard2015aPDFXML
CP 1436 Parts Clarification Of Verification Control Point MetersetStandard2015bPDFDOC
CP 1437 Parts Clarification of Beam Dose ScopeStandard2015bPDFDOC
CP 1438 Parts Omitted Beams Sequence In BDIStandard2015bPDFDOC
CP 1439 Parts Clarification of RT Image PositionStandard2015bPDFDOCX
CP 1440 Parts Correct HL7 CX component name referencesStandard2015bPDFDOCX
CP 1441 Parts Add UPS scheduled output destinationStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1442 Parts Typos in UPS specificationStandard2015bPDFDOCX
CP 1443 Parts Additional N-GET Service for UPS PushStandard2015bPDFDOCX
CP 1444 Parts 3,6,17Add additional dental view sets to Structured DisplayStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1445 Parts 3Remove In-Stack Position text from figure C.7.6.16-3Standard2015cPDFXML
CP 1446 Parts 3Prohibit circular Dimension Index referencesStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1447 Parts 5Clarify 8 bit in Extended JPEG Transfer SyntaxStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1448 Parts 16Add blood normalized IAUC codesStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1449 Parts 16Clarify Modality Device Code DefinitionsStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1450 Parts 11Correct media application profile description with respect to compressionStandard2016aPDFXML
CP 1451 Parts 5Remove retired Point Index List attributes in PS3.5 Annex AStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1452 Parts 3Correct Recommended Presentation Opacity explanationStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1453 Parts 16Add UCUM license termsCancelled
See CP 1413
CP 1454 Parts 3,6Add color space attributeStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1455 Parts 3Add Dose Area Product to CT Image IODStandard2016ePDFDOCX
CP 1456 Parts 3Add Operator Identification Sequence to Series ModulesStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1457 Parts 3,6,16,17Identification of pre-clinical research small animal subjectsStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1458 Parts 3Value representation of real world value first and last values mappedStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1459 Parts 3Add Patient Medical Module to Unified Procedure Step IODStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1460 Parts 3,6Add Ion Range and Modulation DefinitionStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1461 Parts 3,6Add B1RMS value to MR Enhanced and MR ObjectStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1462 Parts 3Admission ID missing in MPPS moduleStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1463 Parts 3Clarify Enhanced US Volume Image and Frame Type Values 3 and 4Standard2015cPDFXML
CP 1464 Parts 16Add reference region segmentation property typeStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1465 Parts 16Add type of finding to measurement SR templatesStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1466 Parts 16Add session to measurements groupStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1467 Parts 16Correct time point context relationshipStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1468 Parts 16Add defined CID for modality in image libraryStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1469 Parts 16Remove duplicate rows referencing source image or series for segmentation in volumetric ROIStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1470 Parts 6,16Small animal anatomy for pre-clinical researchStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1471 Parts 3,17Generalize clinical trials attributes to refer to any type of researchStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1472 Parts 3Additional responsible personsStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1473 Parts 3,16Transverse positioning of pre-clinical research small animal subjectsStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1474 Parts 3,6,16,17More flexible description of positioning of human and pre-clinical research small animal subjectsWorkPDFXML
CP 1475 Parts 3Add patient defined term for Ultrasound Acquisition GeometryStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1476 Parts 3,6Add settling phases information and Synch pulse for Functional MRIStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1477 Parts 3Angles for Positioner with Digital DetectorStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1478 Parts 3,6,16Identification of species and strain of pre-clinical research small animal subjectsStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1479 Parts 4Update PS3.4 for expanded Code SequenceStandard2019ePDFDOCX
CP 1480 Parts 3Allow multiple items in the MR Receive Coil SequenceStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1481 Parts 19Update PS3.19 for expanded Code SequenceWorkPDFDOCX
CP 1482 Parts 18Correct PS3.18 RFC referencesStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1483 Parts 18Clarify BulkDataURIStandard2016aPDFDOCX
CP 1484 Parts 20Add ordering decision support to CDAWorkPDFDOCX
CP 1485 Parts 15Resolve discrepancy in SOP Class multiplicity for ATNA messagesStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1486 Parts 3Add RT Ion ReferencesStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1487 Parts 3Add Display Origin Coordinates To RT PlanStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1488 Parts 3Clarify RT Image Exposure Attributes in case of MPEG EncodingStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1489 Parts 3Correct description of Surface Scan IODStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1490 Parts 1Update top level DICOM diagram for Web Services 2Standard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1491 Parts 18Incorrect terms in Part 18 Sections 8.2.5 and 8.2.6Standard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1492 Parts 3Archeological ExtensionStandard2016aPDFDOC
CP 1493 Parts 3Correct code for organ used in segmentationStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1494 Parts 16More Zr 89 monocolonal antibody and other targeted PET radiotracersStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1495 Parts 16,17Replace incorrect SNOMED codesStandard2016aPDFXML
CP 1496 Parts 3,6,15,16Add Tracking Identifier and UID to Segmentation InstancesStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1497 Parts 16Add Manganese-52m PET radionuclideStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1498 Parts 16Add Magnetization Transfer Ratio to Image Model Component Semantics for Parametric MapsStandard2015cPDFXML
CP 1499 Parts 6Fix CP 1365 setback with Long xxx Index List VRStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1500 Parts 18Correct status codes in WADO-URIWorkPDF
CP 1501 Parts 4Add floating point pixel data to list of bulk data attributesStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1502 Parts 3Pixel Intensity Relationship in RT ImageStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1503 Parts 3,6Extension of the Selector Attribute MacroStandard2016bPDFDOCX
CP 1504 Parts 3Add Accessory Code To TraysStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1505 Parts 18Replace "MIME type" with "media type"Editorial ChangePDFDOCX
CP 1506 Parts 18QIDO-RS maximumResultsStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1507 Parts 18WADO-URI region parameter forbidden when Presentation StateStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1508 Parts 18Add ‘accept’ and ‘charset’ to WADO-RS URLCancelled
See Supp 174
CP 1509 Parts 18Refactor media type description for web servicesStandard2016bPDFDOCX
CP 1510 Parts 18Correct UPS-RS errorsStandard2015cPDFDOCX
CP 1511 Parts 18Clarify WADO URI media typesCancelled
See Supp 174
CP 1512 Parts 3Correction of Motion Mode Attribute ReferenceStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1513 Parts 3Clarification of meaning of entrance doseStandard2017aPDFDOC
CP 1514 Parts 19Add missing attributes to Coded Terminology MacroStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1515 Parts 16Addition of Cone Beam CT Dose Recording for RT CT ImagesStandard2016aPDFDOC
CP 1516 Parts 3Extend Identified Person or Device MacroStandard2015cPDFDOC
CP 1517 Parts 18Create required media type for CDA for web servicesCancelledPDFDOCX
CP 1518 Parts 18Add default media type for video for web servicesWorkPDFDOC
CP 1519 Parts 18Add transfer syntax parameter to application/dicom media type for WADO-URICancelled
See CP 1509
CP 1520 Parts 19Real World Mapping in Abstract Multi-Dimensional ModelStandard2016aPDFXML
CP 1521 Parts 16Add Root Template DefinitionStandard2016aPDFXML
CP 1522 Parts 16Order is not significant for subordinate measurement templatesStandard2016aPDFXML
CP 1523 Parts 3Requirements for items in Quantity Definition SequenceStandard2016aPDFXML
CP 1524 Parts 16More tracer kinetic modelsStandard2016aPDFXML
CP 1525 Parts 3,6,16Water equivalent diameter for CT RDSRStandard2016aPDFXML
CP 1526 Parts 16Correct order of reference to pixel spacing values in SR Image LibraryStandard2016aPDFXML
CP 1527 Parts 3Correction of X-Ray Frame Acquisition Sequence Attributes DescriptionStandard2016dPDFDOCX
CP 1528 Parts 1Update specs for citing DICOMStandard2016aPDFDOCX
CP 1529 Parts 5Private Creator once per groupStandard2016aPDFDOCX
CP 1530 Parts 6Add Purpose Code For RT Plan PositioningStandard2016aPDFDOC
CP 1531 Parts 3,6Additional Tags For Ion Eye TreatmentStandard2016aPDFDOC
CP 1532 Parts 2Modify the Specific Character Set Description for the MWL Conformance Statement ExampleStandard2016aPDFDOCX
CP 1533 Parts 3Clean up Composite IEs descriptionsStandard2016aPDFDOCX
CP 1534 Parts 16Add Assignment Rejection Code for UPS CancelationStandard2016aPDFDOC
CP 1535 Parts 3,16Additional SUVlbm formulasStandard2016aPDFXML
CP 1536 Parts 2,4,18,19Support HTTP/2Standard2016aPDFDOCX
CP 1537 Parts 18Specify STOW error codes in decimalStandard2016aPDFDOCX
CP 1538 Parts 18Correct IOD relationship to Info ModelStandard2016aPDFDOCX
CP 1539 Parts 3Add Equivalent Purpose CodeStandard2016bPDFDOCX
CP 1540 Parts 18Clarify definition of metadata and bulk dataWorkPDF
CP 1541 Parts 3Template Content Sequence not required when template created through refactoringStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1542 Parts 16Specify units for positioner angles in image libraryStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1543 Parts 16PET image library correctionsStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1544 Parts 5,18,19Value Representation corrections related to OL, UC and URStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1545 Parts 16Make use of DateTime consistent in concept namesStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1546 Parts 16Incorrect LOINC code for Estimated Fetal Weight Percentile for HadlockStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1547 Parts 16Add syringe to device CIDStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1548 Parts 3Remove explicit mention of Bacus patent related to whole slide imagesStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1549 Parts 3Remove description of retired Big Endian Transfer syntaxStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1550 Parts 4Refactor SOP Class specs for non-Patient IODsStandard2016bPDFDOCX
CP 1551 Parts 15,16Resolve discrepancy in Defined Terms for ParticipantObjectIDTypeCode in ATNA messagesStandard2019aPDFDOCX
CP 1552 Parts 15Resolve discrepancy in defined Value Constraint for ATNA messageStandard2019aPDFDOCX
CP 1553 Parts 15Resolve discrepancy in Real World Entities for ATNA messages for Data Export & ImportStandard2016bPDFDOCX
CP 1554 Parts 18Clarify Transfer Syntax ParametersCancelledPDFDOCX
CP 1555 Parts 16Add Requested Report Codes for UPSCancelledPDFDOC
CP 1556 Parts 3,6,16Add Scheduled Workitem Code Sets for ReadingStandard2016bPDFDOC
CP 1557 Parts 4Add UPS Assigned Notification Event TypeStandard2016bPDFDOC
CP 1558 Parts 3,4,6Add ability to notify UPS requester laterWorkPDFDOC
CP 1559 Parts 3Reuse reference mechanisms from General Image Module in other contextsStandard2016cPDFDOCX
CP 1560 Parts 16Add missing language of content item and descendants to RDSRStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1561 Parts 3,4,6Replace Retrieve URL with URIStandard2016bPDFDOC
CP 1562 Parts 3Correct conditions in Referenced and Derivation Image Macros when legacy convertedStandard2016cPDFXML
CP 1563 Parts 3Correct text describing non-zero Image and Frame Type valuesStandard2016cPDFXML
CP 1564 Parts 5Copying unrecognized VRsStandard2016cPDFXML
CP 1565 Parts 3,5Clarify Photometric Interpretation after decompression of compressed Transfer SyntaxesStandard2016cPDFXML
CP 1566 Parts 5Explicit Value Representations are encoded as bytes not charactersStandard2016cPDFXML
CP 1567 Parts 16Update language code RFCStandard2016cPDFXML
CP 1568 Parts 18Remove arbitrary default value for limit in QIDO result setStandard2016cPDFXML
CP 1569 Parts 3Define CT Reconstruction Diameter more precisely and correct Enhanced CT illustrationStandard2016cPDFXML
CP 1570 Parts 3,6,16Add dental visible light acquisition context informationWorkPDFDOC
CP 1571 Parts 3,6,17Add Orthodontics and Forensic Odontology visible light view sets to Structured DisplayWorkPDFDOCX
CP 1572 Parts 16Exception for Dose at Reference Point in RDSRCancelledPDFDOCX
CP 1573 Parts 5Add definition of Code StringStandard2016cPDFDOCX
CP 1574 Parts 3Streamline Number of Control Points ConditionsStandard2016cPDFDOC
CP 1575 Parts 3,16Add Purpose of Reference for Source Instance SequenceStandard2016cPDFDOC
CP 1576 Parts 18Support text ContentType in WADO-RS RetrieveBulkData for text VRsWorkPDFDOC
CP 1577 Parts 15Clarify Audit Code MeaningsWorkPDFDOC
CP 1578 Parts 16Correct Pulse Sequence Name in MR Image LibraryStandard2016dPDFXML
CP 1579 Parts 16Clarify explanation of heading conditions in Measurement templateStandard2016dPDFXML
CP 1580 Parts 18Add a general mechanism for returning warnings and errors related to RS TransactionsWorkPDFDOCX
CP 1581 Parts 18Define Errors for RenderingStandard2017bPDFDOCX
CP 1582 Parts 18Extend STOW to populate Pixel Data or Encapsulated Document Module and encapsulate non-DICOM media types into standard Transfer SyntaxesStandard2016cPDFDOCX
CP 1583 Parts 18Define Errors for URI and RS Query ParametersStandard2017bPDFDOCX
CP 1584 Parts 3Pseudocoloring mechanism for parametric maps including floating point valuesStandard2016dPDFDOCX
CP 1585 Parts 3Add Category And Type Codes to Fiducials, Surface Scan Mesh and Point Cloud IODsStandard2016cPDFDOC
CP 1586 Parts 3,6Add Segmented Property Type Modifier Code Sequence to RT ROI Observations ModuleStandard2016cPDFDOCX
CP 1587 Parts 16Add Tmax perfusion parameterStandard2016dPDFXML
CP 1588 Parts 16Inconsistent Person Participant Relationship in Radiopharmaceutical RDSRStandard2016dPDFXML
CP 1589 Parts 16Equivalent code for GFR in Radiopharmaceutical Radiation Dose SRWorkPDFXML
CP 1590 Parts 16Add more PET RadiotracersStandard2017aPDFXML
CP 1591 Parts 3,16Allow multiple finding sites for single regions of interest in measurement templates and segmentationsStandard2016dPDFXML
CP 1592 Parts 16Add codes for prostatic sector anatomyStandard2016dPDFXML
CP 1593 Parts 16Add Magnetic Susceptibility to Image Model Component Semantics for Quantitative Susceptibilty Parametric MapsStandard2016dPDFXML
CP 1594 Parts 4Add SOP Class requirements for Raw DataStandard2016dPDFDOCX
CP 1595 Parts 3Add Content Labels for Raw DataStandard2016dPDFDOCX
CP 1596 Parts 4Modality LUT in Volumetric Presentation StateStandard2020bPDFDOCX
CP 1597 Parts 3Clarify Segmentation Algorithm ParametersStandard2016dPDFDOCX
CP 1598 Parts 3Clarify Fractional SegmentationStandard2016dPDFDOCX
CP 1599 Parts 3Add IEC References for MRStandard2016dPDFDOCX
CP 1600 Parts 3Clarify Graphic Annotation in Volumetric Presentation StatesStandard2016ePDFDOCX
CP 1601 Parts 3Add Graphic Group Module in Planar MPR VPSStandard2016dPDFDOCX
CP 1602 Parts 18Fix incorrect term in RS Rendered Retrieve tableStandard2016dPDFDOCX
CP 1603 Parts 3,6,16Enhance Coding Schemes TableStandard2017bPDFXML
CP 1604 Parts 3Fix Type of Dimension Organization UID (within the Dimension Index Sequence)Standard2017aPDFDOC
CP 1605 Parts 5Prohibit silly schedule dates in UPSCancelledPDF
CP 1606 Parts 3,4,6,15Add confidentiality codes to UPS and MWL as coded valuesWorkPDF
CP 1607 Parts 4Update MWL for coded sequencesWorkPDF
CP 1608 Parts 3Clarification for Scan Spot Position MapStandard2016dPDFDOC
CP 1609 Parts 3RT Ion Beams Scan Spot IndicatorStandard2016dPDFDOC
CP 1610 Parts 3Clarify Presence of Referenced Dose Reference SequenceWorkPDF
CP 1611 Parts 3,6Add Selected Value To RT Treatment OverridesStandard2016dPDFDOC
CP 1612 Parts 3,6Clarify incorrect multiplier for male James SUV lean body mass formulaStandard2016dPDFXML
CP 1613 Parts 16Factor radiopharmaceutical content in RRDSR into reusable templateWorkPDFXML
CP 1614 Parts 18Add a bulkdata subresource to study, series and instance WADO-RSCancelled
See CP 2040
CP 1615 Parts 3Add Note to TID1210/1211 Equivalent ConceptStandard2017aPDFDOCX
CP 1616 Parts 15Remove RFC-3881 references and integrate contextStandard2017bPDFDOC
CP 1617 Parts 3,6Constituent Mapping MacroStandard2017ePDFDOCX
CP 1618 Parts 16Replace incorrect SNOMED codes - Median/MiddleStandard2016bPDFXML
CP 1619 Parts 3,6,16Add source mouse strain and genetic modifications for homograft to exogenous substances, and add allele to patientStandard2016ePDFXML
CP 1620 Parts 1Clarify that conformance reference requirements do not serve in lieu of a form conformance statementStandard2016ePDFXML
CP 1621 Parts 16Add more exogenous substance administration sitesStandard2016ePDFXML
CP 1622 Parts 16Add caDSR coding schemeStandard2016ePDFXML
CP 1623 Parts 16Add hepatic perfusion model parametersWorkPDFXML
CP 1624 Parts 5Convention for reference to Private Data ElementsStandard2016ePDFDOCX
CP 1625 Parts 4Define Conformance for an All-SOP-Class Storage ServerStandard2017aPDFDOCX
CP 1626 Parts 3Correct Attribute Types in Text StyleStandard2018ePDFDOCX
CP 1627 Parts 3Add tracking ID to Presentation StateStandard2017aPDFDOCX
CP 1628 Parts 3Note on limitations of Presentation StatesStandard2017aPDFDOCX
CP 1629 Parts 3Add Identical Documents Sequence to the Encapsulated Document ModuleStandard2017cPDFDOC
CP 1630 Parts 3Clarify Changes in Control Point Meterset ValuesStandard2017aPDFDOCX
CP 1631 Parts 16Clarify Definitions for Types of Context Group ReferencesStandard2017aPDFDOC
CP 1632 Parts 3Add Support for non-Patient Instance ReferencesStandard2017dPDFDOC
CP 1633 Parts 4Enhance Specification of Range MatchingStandard2017cPDFDOC
CP 1634 Parts 18QIDO Include Query ParameterCancelledPDF
CP 1635 Parts 16Add Isocenter Reference System to RDSRStandard2017cPDFDOCX
CP 1636 Parts 2,5Examples of Specific Character Set in WorklistStandard2023ePDFDOC
CP 1637 Parts 4Clarify matching of Required Keys of zero lengthWorkPDF
CP 1638 Parts 15Unify encoding of code values in DICOM audit messageStandard2017aPDFDOC
CP 1639 Parts 15Adjust encoding of Process ID in DICOM audit messageWorkPDF
CP 1640 Parts 15Add UserIDTypeCode in DICOM audit messageWorkPDF
CP 1641 Parts 15ParticipantObjectContainsStudy shall not be mandatory in DICOM audit messageStandard2016ePDFDOC
CP 1642 Parts 3Change multiplicity for Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Segmental Length SequenceStandard2017aPDFDOC
CP 1643 Parts 3Change type of Signal Noise Ratio for Ophthalmic Axial Measurements Related Information MacroStandard2017aPDFDOC
CP 1644 Parts 3Correct conditions for Selected Segmental Ophthalmic Axial Length SequenceStandard2017cPDFDOCX
CP 1645 Parts 3Add Unassigned Shared and Per-Frame Converted Attributes functional groups to Parametric MapStandard2017aPDFXML
CP 1646 Parts 16Add repeat flag and reason to RDSR to help with outlier analysisStandard2017aPDFXML
CP 1647 Parts 16Correct SNOMED lesion codes and synonymsStandard2017aPDFXML
CP 1648 Parts 3Correct requirement for conversion source in legacy converted images and tractography resultsStandard2017aPDFXML
CP 1649 Parts 3,4,6Clarify use of Other Patient IDs Sequence with Issuer and related Attributes as Query keysStandard2017aPDFXML
CP 1650 Parts 7Extend User Identity Sub-Item to support web tokensStandard2018aPDFXML
CP 1651 Parts 16Update DICOM to reflect changes in IHTSDO SNOMED CT-DICOM Subset for JUL 2016 INT ReleaseStandard2017aPDFXML
CP 1652 Parts 16Update DICOM to reflect changes in IHTSDO SNOMED CT-DICOM Subset for JAN 2017 INT ReleaseStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1653 Parts 3,5Clarify Photometric Interpretations Permitted for Decompressed and Compressed Transfer SyntaxesStandard2017bPDFXML
CP 1654 Parts 5Clarify that RLE encoding covers all bits allocatedStandard2017aPDFDOC
CP 1655 Parts 15Revise User ID restrictions in Audit SchemaWorkPDFDOC
CP 1656 Parts 3Add Content Date and Time to RT Dose ModuleStandard2017aPDFDOCX
CP 1657 Parts 3Consolidate Brachytherapy Applicator Geometry DefinitionsStandard2017cPDFDOCX
CP 1658 Parts 3,6Dose Reference Beam Dose VerificationStandard2017cPDFDOC
CP 1659 Parts 3Add Dose Reference UID To Fraction SchemeStandard2017aPDFDOC
CP 1660 Parts 3,16Dose Measurement Type in RTSTRUCTStandard2017cPDFDOC
CP 1661 Parts 16Correct Code in CID 9250Standard2017aPDFDOCX
CP 1662 Parts 3Define the encoding order for OPT Attribute Reference Coordinates (0022,0032)Standard2017aPDFDOC
CP 1663 Parts 3Add Attribute to convey OPT Scan Patterns in OPT IODStandard2018dPDFDOC
CP 1664 Parts 3Add Progress Parameters in UPS Progress ModuleStandard2017cPDFDOCX
CP 1665 Parts 3,16,17Add MR Diffusion Model Quantities and Parameters for Parametric Maps and ROI MeasurementsStandard2017aPDFXML
CP 1666 Parts 3,16,17Add Observation DateTime to Acquisition ContextStandard2017aPDFXML
CP 1667 Parts 18Clarify DICOM+JSON VRs and representationsWorkPDF
CP 1668 Parts 16Add set of Codes for discontinuation of Read RequestStandard2017dPDFDOCX
CP 1669 Parts 3Add Optical Path Module to all Visible Light family IODsWorkPDF
CP 1670 Parts 3Add number of items for Responsible Group Code SequenceStandard2018bPDFDOC
CP 1671 Parts 16Clarify use of Equivalent Meaning of Concept Name for codesStandard2018bPDFDOC
CP 1672 Parts 15More safe private data elementsStandard2017bPDFXML
CP 1673 Parts 15Remove Version-specific UIDs from Confidentiality Profile AttributesStandard2017bPDFXML
CP 1674 Parts 3,6,16Add Dermatology Anatomic Site Context Group and NYU Numbering System Coding SchemeStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1675 Parts 15,16Add Retain Institution Identity option to Basic Application Level Confidentiality ProfileStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1676 Parts 16Remove duplicate anatomy information in irradiation event data in RDSRStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1677 Parts 15Do not include Modifying Device Manufacturer in Confidentiality ProfileStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1678 Parts 3,5Use of JPEG Family Transfer Syntaxes rather than RLE for YBR_FULLStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1679 Parts 3,6Add compression pressure to mammography, breast tomosynthesis and projection objectsStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1680 Parts 16Add teaching file export related codesStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1681 Parts 3,16Reference to real world value map used during segmentationStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1682 Parts 3,16Defined PET Units Defined terms by reference to UCUM used in Context GroupStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1683 Parts 18Fix error with QIDO results calculationStandard2017dPDFDOCX
CP 1684 Parts 18Warning header field correction for web servicesWorkPDF
CP 1685 Parts 15Add session, authentication, authorization audit codesStandard2017cPDFDOC
CP 1686 Parts 16Add UDI code for use in templatesStandard2017cPDFDOC
CP 1687 Parts 3Allow Segmented Color LUT in Color Palette IODStandard2017cPDFDOCX
CP 1688 Parts 3Correct Note of Table C.7.6.18-1 Cardiac Synchronization Module AttributesStandard2017cPDFDOCX
CP 1689 Parts 16Correct codes and meaningsStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1690 Parts 4,6Query Key for Anatomic Regions in StudyStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1691 Parts 16Add more standard Body Part Examined Defined TermsStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1692 Parts 16Add more statistical multidimensional image component semanticsStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1693 Parts 3,6,15,1Add study longitudinal temporal offset from event for clinical trialsStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1694 Parts 16Match Segmentation Property Categories with specific Context GroupStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1695 Parts 16Add laterality requirement information to anatomical conceptsStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1696 Parts 3Clarify condition for Repetition Time (0018,0080)Standard2017cPDFDOCX
CP 1697 Parts 16More structure of rather than entire SNOMED anatomical conceptsStandard2017cPDFXML
CP 1698 Parts 18Remove ETag requirement in Non-Patient Instance Restful serviceStandard2017dPDFXML
CP 1699 Parts 16Match units to quantitiesStandard2018aPDFXML
CP 1700 Parts 3,16Replace use of Derived Pixel Contrast Image/Frame Type Value 4 and Image Derivation with RWVM Quantity Definition SequenceStandard2018cPDFXML
CP 1701 Parts 5Private Creator Data Elements only use Default Character RepertoireStandard2017dPDFXML
CP 1702 Parts 16Update DICOM to reflect changes in IHTSDO SNOMED CT-DICOM Subset for JUL 2017 INT ReleaseStandard2018aPDFXML
CP 1703 Parts 18TLS Security Note for Web ServicesStandard2017dPDFDOCX
CP 1704 Parts 5,18Relax requirement to provide default Transfer Syntax if lossless compressed image is too largeStandard2017dPDFXML
CP 1705 Parts 16Add more texture measuresStandard2017dPDFXML
CP 1706 Parts 15ParticipantObjectName and ParticipantObjectQuery are conditionalWorkPDF
CP 1707 Parts 15Update Audit General Message Format tableWorkPDF
CP 1708 Parts 3Add URI data type to SR Value TypesWorkPDF
CP 1709 Parts 3Biopsy Target Values in DICOM Standard attributesStandard2017ePDFDOCX
CP 1710 Parts 17Correct attribute names in segmentation coding example figureStandard2017ePDFXML
CP 1711 Parts 17Correct SR Encoding ExampleStandard2017ePDFXML
CP 1712 Parts 16Add IHE Standard Operational Log of Events (SOLE) codes to DICOM vocabularyWorkPDF
CP 1713 Parts 3,6More compact use of Per-Frame Functional Group Macros in Non-Sparse VL Whole Slide Microscopy Image IODStandard2018aPDFDOC
CP 1714 Parts 6Add last release to PS 3.6 Data DictionaryStandard2018ePDFDOCX
CP 1715 Parts 3Add Protocol and Approval to DICOMDIRWorkPDF
CP 1716 Parts 3,4Add Protocol UID to MWL EntryStandard2018aPDFDOC
CP 1717 Parts 3Add WIP Flag to Defined Procedure Protocol instancesBallotPDFDOC
CP 1718 Parts 3Encoding protocol dependence on device optionsWorkPDF
CP 1719 Parts 16Extend Referenced Image Purposes of ReferenceStandard2018cPDFDOCX
CP 1720 Parts 15Add RT Attributes To Confidentiality ProfilesStandard2018cPDFDOCX
CP 1721 Parts 3Clarification of Distances in Ion BeamsStandard2019dPDFDOC
CP 1722 Parts 3Consistency of Requesting Service attributes between worklist and composite instances and more general usageStandard2017ePDFXML
CP 1723 Parts 18Add Close Notification Channel to WebSockets for RS servicesWorkPDF
CP 1724 Parts 18Conform to HTTP Status CodesWorkPDF
CP 1725 Parts 16Add date and time of irradiation event start to CT RDSRStandard2018aPDFDOC
CP 1726 Parts 4Add clarification note that C-FIND SCP should ignore unknown standard and private tagsStandard2019dPDFDOC
CP 1727 Parts 3Remove unnecessary Relationship Content Constraints (from Radiation Dose SR IODs)Standard2018aPDFDOC
CP 1728 Parts 3Spell out IEWorkPDF
CP 1729 Parts 10Update Fig 6.2-2 Media Storage and DICOMStandard2018aPDFDOCX
CP 1730 Parts 10Part 10 Section 6.2.3 DICOM Data Format LayerStandard2018aPDFDOCX
CP 1731 Parts 3Indentation error in Visual Evaluation Result MacroStandard2018aPDFDOCX
CP 1732 Parts 3Add Reference to connect Module Tables to applicable Functional GroupsWorkPDF
CP 1733 Parts 3,6,16Add Primary Anatomic Structure Context Group for Anatomic PathologyStandard2020aPDFXML
CP 1734 Parts 16Add performing roles for research to DICOM SR person observer contextStandard2018aPDFXML
CP 1735 Parts 18Add DICOMweb to DICOM GlossaryWorkPDF
CP 1736 Parts 3,6,17Add Visible Light Photography Attributes corresponding to EXIF 2.31 and TIFF/EPStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1737 Parts 3Remove Note referencing retired Transformation in RT Structure SetStandard2018aPDFDOCX
CP 1738 Parts 4Enhance Specification of Attribute usage for Normalized ServicesStandard2018cPDFDOCX
CP 1739 Parts 16Breast Imaging Report Template overview incomplete and missing observer context at top levelStandard2018aPDFXML
CP 1740 Parts 3,6WSI is missing Frame TypeStandard2018aPDFXML
CP 1741 Parts 16Add more PET RadiopharmaceuticalsStandard2018aPDFXML
CP 1742 Parts 3Add Performed Protocol Code Sequence wherever Protocol Name occursStandard2018aPDFXML
CP 1743 Parts 2Update Conformance Statement example to be consistent with IHE Scheduled WorkflowStandard2018aPDFXML
CP 1744 Parts 3Make anatomical information encoding in general and visible light images consistentStandard2018aPDFXML
CP 1745 Parts 15Add UserTypeCode in DICOM audit messageWorkPDF
CP 1746 Parts 16Add a new code to CID 4270 OCT-A Algorithm Families for ratio analysisStandard2018dPDFDOC
CP 1747 Parts 16Update DICOM to reflect changes in IHTSDO SNOMED CT-DICOM Subset for JAN 2018 INT ReleaseStandard2018dPDFXML
CP 1748 Parts 20Add reference to LOINC Panel for Imaging ReportStandard2018bPDFDOCX
CP 1749 Parts 3Clarify usage of Content TimeWorkPDF
CP 1750 Parts 3Change the defined term for Modality to reflect the object type for En face Image and B-scan Volume AnalysisStandard2018bPDFDOC
CP 1751 Parts 3MR Spectroscopy Functional Group Macros definition contains an improper reference of a MacroStandard2018bPDFDOCX
CP 1752 Parts 3Corneal Topography Map IOD definition contains an improper reference of a ModuleStandard2018bPDFDOCX
CP 1753 Parts 3Tractography Results IOD definition incorrectly references a retired ModuleStandard2018bPDFDOCX
CP 1754 Parts 15Suggestion for version controlling of Audit Message Schema as RFC-3881 no longer is referredWorkPDF
CP 1755 Parts 3Note on reference to study as objectCancelledPDF
CP 1756 Parts 15Describe reference to security schema usedWorkPDF
CP 1757 Parts 3Patient Orientation should not be required for Whole Slide ImagesStandard2018bPDFXML
CP 1758 Parts 3Incorrect data element tag and name for Center Point Location in Slide CoordinatesStandard2018bPDFXML
CP 1759 Parts 3Real World Value Map only permitted for monochrome Whole Slide ImagesStandard2018bPDFXML
CP 1760 Parts 3Add flag to distinguish studies imported from outsideStandard2018bPDFXML
CP 1761 Parts 15Correct Acquisition Context and DateTime in Confidentiality Profile AttributesStandard2018bPDFXML
CP 1762 Parts 3Fix Omitted Attribute in Verification Control PointsStandard2018bPDFDOC
CP 1763 Parts 3,16Source Instance Sequence for Images in Encapsulated Document IODsStandard2018cPDFXML
CP 1764 Parts 6,16More quantitative image featuresStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1765 Parts 3,6,10Retire DICOMDIR reference to unencapsulated CDA on mediaStandard2018bPDFXML
CP 1766 Parts 3,6Extend Original Attributes SequenceStandard2019aPDFDOCX
CP 1767 Parts 3Correct PS3.3 Figure 7.13.4-1 Protocol StorageStandard2018bPDFDOCX
CP 1768 Parts 17Correct PS3.17 Figure FFF.2.3-1Standard2018bPDFDOCX
CP 1769 Parts 16Add Dose Units for Parametric MapsStandard2018bPDFDOCX
CP 1770 Parts 16Add more compression information to X-Ray Radiation Dose SRStandard2019aPDFDOCX
CP 1771 Parts 16Update PS3.16 Context Group Table ConventionsStandard2018bPDFXML
CP 1772 Parts 16Add PathLex as Coding SchemeStandard2018bPDFXML
CP 1773 Parts 16Correct code for common femoral artery in CID 12109Standard2018bPDFXML
CP 1774 Parts 16Make code meaning of Great Saphenous Vein consistentStandard2018bPDFXML
CP 1775 Parts 16Add NDC as Coding Scheme and correct codesStandard2018bPDFXML
CP 1776 Parts 18Quote in multipart media type parameterStandard2023aPDFDOCX
CP 1777 Parts 18Derivation of Photometric Interpretation in STOW-RSStandard2019dPDFXML
CP 1778 Parts 5Improve PN Separator SpecificationStandard2018cPDFDOCX
CP 1779 Parts 16,21Update AIM to DICOM SR TID 1500 mapping with model revisionsStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1780 Parts 3,6,21Add flag to segmentation object indicating segments are nonoverlappingStandard2018cPDFXML
CP 1781 Parts 7,21Clarify number of asynchronous associationsStandard2018cPDFDOCX
CP 1782 Parts 3Type of Patient ID ClarificationStandard2018cPDFDOCX
CP 1783 Parts 3Extend list of Fiducial Shape TypesStandard2018cPDFDOCX
CP 1784 Parts 3Add Algorithm Identification Macro to RT Structure SetStandard2018cPDFDOCX
CP 1785 Parts 15Clarify Purpose of Use Meaning in Audit Event Contents with IHEWorkPDF
CP 1786 Parts 15Clarify use of UUID in Query Event MessageWorkPDF
CP 1787 Parts 2Consistency of Attributes added in Standard Extended SOP ClassesStandard2018dPDFXML
CP 1788 Parts 16Remove unnecessary use of no Baseline CID in templates and clarify conventionsStandard2018dPDFXML
CP 1789 Parts 16Allow categorical observations without measurements for ROIs in TID 1500Standard2018dPDFXML
CP 1790 Parts 16Correct relationship of Reconstruction Algorithm in TID 10013 CT Irradiation Event DataStandard2018dPDFXML
CP 1791 Parts 18Clarify Transfer Syntax for STOW-RS of PS3.10 filesStandard2018dPDFXML
CP 1792 Parts 6Clarify that elements defined in part 6 as GGxx,EEEE only apply where xx is evenStandard2018dPDFDOC
CP 1793 Parts 1,7,10,13Harmonize the description of the DICOM Communication Model across the partsStandard2018ePDFDOCX
CP 1794 Parts 4Correct SOP versus Service Class in Titles in PS3.4 annexes Y, Z, and AAStandard2018dPDFDOCX
CP 1795 Parts 4Retire section I.4.1 of PS3.4Standard2018dPDFDOCX
CP 1796 Parts 4DIMSE Service Element and DIMSE Service Group table captionStandard2018dPDFDOCX
CP 1797 Parts 2,3,4,10Update definition of SOP Class, inclusion of Media Storage Service and Web ServicesStandard2018ePDFDOCX
CP 1798 Parts 4Fix partly inconsistent list of VRs affected by certain types of Attribute MatchingStandard2018dPDFDOC
CP 1799 Parts 5Fix list of VRs having a VM of 1Standard2018dPDFDOC
CP 1800 Parts 3Field of View Origin clarification neededWorkPDF
CP 1801 Parts 15Update to the Application Level Confidentiality Profile Attributes tableStandard2018dPDFDOC
CP 1802 Parts 16Add refractive surgery type SMILE to CID 4234 Refractive Surgery TypesStandard2018dPDFDOC
CP 1803 Parts 3,6Add “Source of Data” details for Corneal Size measurement values used in Intraocular Lens Calculations IODStandard2018dPDFDOC
CP 1804 Parts 3,5,18Clarify handling of ICC profiles in WADO-RS for encapsulated images such as JPEGStandard2018dPDFXML
CP 1805 Parts 15Fix audit source tableWorkPDF
CP 1806 Parts 3Macros for IOD Module TablesWorkPDF
CP 1807 Parts 3Corrections of Performed Storage ModuleStandard2018ePDFDOCX
CP 1808 Parts 16Update DICOM to reflect changes in IHTSDO SNOMED CT-DICOM Subset for JUL 2018 and JAN 2019 INT ReleaseStandard2019cPDFXML
CP 1809 Parts 3,6Add Coded form of Institutional DepartmentStandard2018dPDFDOCX
CP 1810 Parts 4Make the sections on definitions consistent and completeStandard2018ePDFDOCX
CP 1811 Parts 3Key measurements in Encapsulated PDFStandard2018ePDFDOC
CP 1812 Parts 3,6Add hints and warnings for intraocular lens calculations to Intraocular Lens Calculations IODStandard2018ePDFDOC
CP 1813 Parts 3,6Add concept of Toric Intraocular Lenses to Intraocular Lens Calculations IODStandard2018ePDFDOC
CP 1814 Parts 3,6,16Add corneal measurement values sequence to Intraocular Lens Calculations IOD (IOL)Standard2018ePDFDOC
CP 1815 Parts 16Add new Intraocular Lens Formulas and Lens Constants to DICOM Content Mapping ResourceStandard2018ePDFDOC
CP 1816 Parts 18Update JPEG-LS and RLE Media Types for web services to use registered rather than experimental media typesStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1817 Parts 3,5Replace uses of "data set" that do not refer to the PS3.5 defined meaningStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1818 Parts 3,5Large compressed images may have more frames than fit in the Basic Offset TableStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1819 Parts 3,5Add 64 bit binary VRsStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1820 Parts 3InConcatenationTotalNumber must be greater than one if presentStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1821 Parts 3AcquisitionDuration need not be mandatory for WSIStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1822 Parts 3Remove Dimension Index Sequence requirement for WSI when Dimensions implicitly defined by TILED_FULLStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1823 Parts 16Add more PET Radiopharmaceuticals for Alzheimer's DiseaseStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1824 Parts 16Add more PMSA Targeting RadiopharmaceuticalsStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1825 Parts 16Decision result context groups should not be extensibleStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1826 Parts 15Specimen De-identificationStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1827 Parts 16Correct code meaning for FormalinStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1828 Parts 3,4Add Barcode Value to Modality Worklist for WSIStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1829 Parts 3Clarify what slide label images contain and add overview image typeStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1830 Parts 3Use of Segmentation and Parametric Maps with Whole Slide ImagingStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1831 Parts 18Add requirement on origin server to determine Multi-frame Module and Cine Module, if absent, in STOW-RS when using XML or JSON formatWorkPDF
CP 1832 Parts 18Add support in STOW-RS for Multi-frame pixel data using a single-frame media type when using XML or JSON formatWorkPDF
CP 1833 Parts 5CP 1304 accidentally introduced restriction on PS format for MPEG-2Standard2018ePDFDOC
CP 1834 Parts 16Add RT Dose Measurement Devices to CID 7193Standard2018ePDFDOCX
CP 1835 Parts 3,16Use TID for Quantity DefinitionStandard2019aPDFDOCX
CP 1836 Parts 18Remove instance attributes from QIDO series include allStandard2018ePDFDOCX
CP 1837 Parts 3,6Add Reason For VisitStandard2018ePDFDOC
CP 1838 Parts 16Additions to Breast Imaging ReportStandard2018ePDFXML
CP 1839 Parts 3Incorrect Ophthalmic QC Reference tagStandard2019bPDFDOCX
CP 1840 Parts 16Make Code Meaning for Bilateral consistentStandard2018ePDFDOCX
CP 1841 Parts 3,5Allow compressed RGB for WSIStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1842 Parts 3,6Referenced Frame Numbers used in Acquisition Context is limited by 16 bit VRStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1843 Parts 3,5JPEG-LS Planar Configuration constraints conflict with WSI, US, Enhanced Color MR and compressed RGB imagesStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1844 Parts 5Restore group length VR definition even though retiredStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1845 Parts 16,17Add description and example for ROI distance measurements with coordinatesStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1846 Parts 16Replace DCM code for circumscribed with SNOMED codesStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1847 Parts 5Restrict future VRs to only upper case lettersStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1848 Parts 3,16,17Add concepts for relative blood flow and volume with reference regionsStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1849 Parts 6,16Brain tumor segmentation codesStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1850 Parts 2,3,4,16,17,20,21Change old RT-style SNOMED IDs to CT-style Concept IDsStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1851 Parts 3,6Add length of encapsulated document when not evenStandard2019aPDFXML
CP 1852 Parts 6,16Add code for bounding box for SRStandard2019dPDFXML
CP 1853 Parts 6,16Add "All Modalities" context groupStandard2019a