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Java implementation of JPEG 2000

JPEG 2000 is the new still image coding standard resulting from a collaborative work between the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standardization process has been led by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), also denominated ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1. JPEG 2000 actually corresponds to the nine following distinct parts: An in-depth view of the JPEG 2000 coding standard is given in the JPEG 2000 Workshop Proceedings from the VCIP conference 2003. Please click here to order the workshop proceedings.


JJ2000 is the Java reference implementation (part 5) of JPEG 2000. This project was the result of a partnership between EPFL, Canon Research France and Ericsson. It ended in September 2001 with a complete implementation of the normative parts of the JPEG 2000 core coding system (part 1).

The JJ2000 website provides, at one hand, with some documents, papers and tutorials on JPEG 2000 and, at the other hand, with a JPEG 2000 codec. Both source-code and binaries are available for download. The last official release of the codec was version 4.1.

Download JJ2000 version 4.1

Unix Archive (*.tar.bz2)Windows Archive (*.zip)
Source code (322K) Source code (678K)
Binaries (451K) Binaries (470K)
Javadoc documentation (313K) Javadoc documentation (887K)

Installation and usage instructions

JP2 file format

Complete JP2 file format support:

A minimal JPEG 2000 decoder simply handles JPEG 2000 part 1 codestreams. However a codestream only contains compressed data and is not able to carry side-information such as intellectual property rights or color-spaces for correct display. For such cases, the JPEG 2000 standard defines a minimal file format, denominated as JP2, that encapsulates JPEG 2000 codestreams, whilst providing room for storing application specific data (i.e. metadata).

The last official JJ2000 codec (version 4.1) does not fully support this file format and is, for instance, not able to handle palletized images or restricted ICC profiles defined in JP2.

For a complete support of the JP2 file format, you will have to use the Eastman Kodak's patch. This patch was originally developed for JJ2000 4.1 and is now part of the JJ2000 5.1 and later versions.

JJ2000 version 5.1:

This is a non-official version of the JJ2000 codec, developed from JJ2000 version 4.1 and providing with few bug fixes, partial decoding and complete JP2 support at the decoding side.

Download JJ2000 version 5.1

Unix Archive (*.tar.bz2)Windows Archive (*.zip)
Source code (357K) Source code (772K)
Binaries (583K) Binaries (598K)
Javadoc documentation (404K) Javadoc documentation (1.2M)

Installation and usage instructions

Graphical User Interface:

This tool is a graphical front-end to the (command-line driven) JJ2000 5.1 codec. It is developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in the framework of the 2KAN European project.

The GUI is written in pure Java (1.4) and intends to provide with a more intuitive access to most of JJ2000's command line options (See the readme file for more details). Furthermore is embedded, for testing purpose, a security module that implements the EPFL's technology proposal based on document [1] and currently discussed in JPEG 2000 part 8.

Download GUI version 1.5b

Unix Archive (*.tar.bz2)Windows Archive (*.zip)
Source code (734K) Source code (1.4M)
Binaries (446K) Binaries (444K)

Installation and usage instructions



[1] Raphaƫl Grosbois, Pierre Gerbelot, Touradj Ebrahimi Authentication and access control in the JPEG 2000 compressed domain Proceedings of the SPIE 46th Annual Meeting, Applications of Digital Image Processing XXIV, Vol. 4472, pp. 95-104, San Diego, July 29th-August 3rd, 2001
[2] M. Rabbani, A. Tzannes JPEG 2000 Workshop Proceedings Visual Communications and Image Processing Conference, 2003. Order online

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