Graphical User Interface for the JJ2000 codec

                              Version 1.5 b

                           EPFL - 2KAN project


1.  General notes
2.  Installation
3.  Usage


1. General notes

This interface is a graphical user interface assisting in the coding
and the decoding of JPEG 2000 images. It uses the Java implementation
of the JPEG 2000 reference software developed by EPFL, Canon Research
France and Ericsson.  It is written in pure Java so that it can be run
on any platform having a Java Virtual Machine version (JVM) 1.4 or
later. If needed, you can download a JVM for your platform at:

The goal of this GUI is to provide with a user-friendlier interface to
the jj2000 API. This is accomplished thanks to selection of the
codec's parameters by the mouse or through text areas (and other
graphical data input tools). Note, however, that not all command-line
options are accessible through this interface. For instance, it is not
possible to select tile-component specific parameters. More advanced
use of the JPEG 2000 codec shall prefer the command-line driven codec

Furthermore, this software embeds a module that implements the EPFL's
technology proposal for JPEG 2000 part 8 (images security). This tool
can be used to prevent access to the whole or a part of a JPEG 2000
compressed image.

Finally note that this GUI is in its beta testing phase. You are
encourage to report encountered bugs or problem to

2. Installation

- Download the latest binaries and source code on our web-site at:

The current packages are jj2k-gui_1.5b.tar.bz2 or
(for the binaries) and jj2k-gui_1.5b-src.tar.bz2 or (for the source-code).

Note that you do not need to separately download the JJ2000 codec as
it is already part of the GUI package.

- Decompress the archive in the directory you want to install the

        * on Unix, Linux:
                bunzip2 -c jj2k-gui_1.5b.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

        * with Windows: use WinZip with

- Then you should find the following files in the 'jj2k-gui_1.5b'

        * jj2k-gui_1.5b.jar   - This file contains all the Java compiled code.
	* src/		      - Source code of the application

	* README.gui	      - The readme file you are reading.
        * README.jj2000       - The JJ2000 readme file.
	* README.jp2	      - The readme file of the JP2 support included 
			        in the JJ2000 codec.
        * COPYRIGHT           - Copyright statement of the JJ2000 software.
	* Cryptix_Licence.txt - Licence of the cryptix API used for the image
				security module.

3. Usage

Simply type the following command in a prompt (open in the directory
containing the *.jar file) or create a desktop shortcut:

	java -jar jj2k-gui_1.5b.jar