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This software module was  originally developed by Raphaël Grosbois and
Diego Santa  Cruz (Swiss  Federal Institute of  Technology-EPFL); Joel
Askelöf  (Ericsson Radio  Systems AB);  and Bertrand  Berthelot, David
Bouchard, Félix Henry, Gerard Mozelle and Patrice Onno (Canon Research
Centre  France S.A)  in  the  course of  development  of the  JPEG2000
standard  as specified  by ISO/IEC  15444 (JPEG  2000  Standard). This
software  module is  an  implementation of  a  part of  the JPEG  2000
Standard. Swiss  Federal Institute of  Technology-EPFL, Ericsson Radio
Systems AB  and Canon Research Centre France  S.A (collectively JJ2000
Partners) agree  not to assert against  ISO/IEC and users  of the JPEG
2000 Standard  (Users) any  of their rights  under the  copyright, not
including other intellectual property rights, for this software module
with respect to the usage by ISO/IEC and Users of this software module
or  modifications thereof  for use  in hardware  or  software products
claiming conformance to the JPEG 2000 Standard. Those intending to use
this software module in hardware or software products are advised that
their use  may infringe existing  patents. The original  developers of
this software module, JJ2000  Partners and ISO/IEC assume no liability
for use of  this software module or modifications  thereof. No license
or right to this software module is granted for non JPEG 2000 Standard
conforming  products. JJ2000  Partners  have full  right  to use  this
software  module  for  his/her  own  purpose, assign  or  donate  this
software module to  any third party and to  inhibit third parties from
using  this software  module  for non  JPEG  2000 Standard  conforming
products.  This copyright  notice must  be included  in all  copies or
derivative works of this software module.

Copyright (c) 1999/2000 JJ2000 Partners.
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