Welcome to my labor of love - please note the Disclaimer. These are pictures of some of my new (and old) plant friends. Use the list at right to view them by common name, Latin name, or by picture preview icon (please have patience, this last option may take a little time to load). There are usually two images per page, and images are anywhere between 12K and 100K each (most are at the lower band-width end).

I started this wildflower page while living in Wisconsin, but have since moved to eastern Pennsylvania. While many of the plants are the same, some are different. Since I continue to photograph and add new plants, I had to rename the page. In this update I have added some new plants. If you notice anything that is incorrect, please email me. I hope you enjoy this site - there are more plants on the way as soon as I get time!


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Many thanks to those of you who wrote me with encouragement and information. It's nice to know someone is looking at this page besides me!

DISCLAIMER:This site is a product of my amature enthusiasm for plants, and although I tried, it is not necessarily scientifically correct... Certain plants are referred to as being "edible". This does not mean I recommend that you run out and sample them.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER (emphasis) put anything in your mouth if you aren't absolutely certain what it is, and that you've got the right part of it in the right season. (This also means not just taking my word for it). In addition, some of these plants are uncommon, or even endangered. Obviously if they are left alone, they will be able to give you and others pleasure in the future.

Please note that on-line retail sources in the reference section are for your convenience only. It is not my intention to endorse any particular vendor.

All images © 1997-2000 Eleanor Shelton. All rights reserved. Images may not be reproduced in any form without written consent.

New Additions:

Birdfoot Trefoil

Blue Flag

Evening Primrose



Ladies' Tresses

New York Ironweed

Pale Corydalis

Great Rhododendron

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